Springsteen Week: Rabid Fiction, Roses Thrown in the Rain

The evening before had lead them to these crossroads.  Years and years of admiration and emotion had built and like a fireworks display finally erupted.  Her heart had been broken, and once again he was there to pick up the pieces.  She fell into his arms, into the haven of his touch.  He'd followed her heart for years and though she'd turned him away his faith in the night continued to bring him back.  Tonight as her tears ran races down her chest she gave in.  Tonight Mary chose to be his.

For the first time the dear friends shared a passionate kiss as she fell vulnerable to his emotions.  Fire between them began to burn, matching the candles she'd lit for her comfort.  His thoughts bounced from here to there, years of love collected finally coming to fruition.  She led him gently up to her bedroom and allowed herself to feel like his equal.  Mary was not concerned whether her heart was in the right place.  She only knew the pain was at that moment missing.

All at once he pulled away from her, shocking them both.  The passion was now replaced be fear in his eyes.  Before she could ask, he told her.  “Mary, I can't.  I can't do this and you know why.”  Mary did know.  The man who stood before her was her closest friend and held more love for her than any man she'd ever known.  And yet another random fool had torn her asunder.  “I can't just do this.  You know that.  The time we've spent......it's been too long.  I mean, it's time to make a decision.  Do you want me to be with me or not?”

Mary stood shock, staring at disbelief at him on his knee.  He wanted to marry her.  He'd always wanted to marry him but never before had he verbalized it.  She couldn't say a word, she wouldn't give an answer.  He took a rose from the vase on her night table and put it in her hands, a tear falling down his cheek.  “Think about this.  I'm leaving tomorrow, you know that.  Perhaps you'll fly away with me.”  He embraced her again and used all his confidence to get out her door.  The rain came pouring down as she walked out to stop him.  She didn't make it in time.  The teaming rain bathed her but wouldn't wash the pain off her face. She looked at his rose and threw it into the fury of the storm.  She didn't know anything else to do.

As the memory played out Mary returned to reality.  Her suitcase screaming both positive and negative ideas, all falling on deaf ears.  Her anxiety began boiling over as she heard his car in her driveway.  She knew what he'd want to know, what he needed to know.  And with that she made her decision and went down to give him her answer.  Both of their futures were about to be laid out on Mary's front porch.

Inspired by the song Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen and the E St Band

perform September 12th at the Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa.

Rabid Nick will be supplying Twitter updates the day of the event.

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Mary's open suitcase lay prone on her bed, empty as the thoughts in her mind.  He'd left three messages on her machine just that day alone.  The light on the machine blinked incessantly, matching the pounding inside her chest.   It was a situation she could no longer avoid dealing with.  The phone rings could be ignored but soon she knew he'd be at her porch door.  Then she'd finally have to let him know which way her decision swayed.

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