Surviving Valentine's Day for the single

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define your identity, so don’t define yourself by your relationship status.

-Valentines Day = a consumer holiday built around the obligation couples feel to waste money on each other. Think about all the money, time, and energy you're saving by not worrying about how to impress your lover this year.

-Turn V-day into a girls or guys night out. Celebrate your friendship. Catch a flick. Go to a bar. Have some drinks. Mingle with all the other sexy singles out on the town looking for love.

-If you're single and loving it, buy yourself a gift. Go to the mall and buy yourself a nice pair of heals, a video game, some chocolate... You always know exactly what you want. Just think of all the times in previous relationships your partner gave you a gift you didn't really want, but which you had to pretend to like.

-If you just ended a relationship, don't feel guilty about using the holiday to grieve. Lock yourself in your house with your loving pets and pig out. Invite some of your fellow single friends over to talk about how much you hate the opposite sex and watch a marathon of your favorite chick or dude movies.

Being single shouldn't be a reason to feel blue. It’s a day to have fun and celebrate love in whatever form that takes, be it friendship, family, or the sibling variety.

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to exchanging love letters, flowers, candies, kisses, but not if your single. If you don't have someone to celebrate this greeting card holiday with, it's not clear what you're supposed to do on V-Day except pretend not to notice all the other people who seem to be happily in love.

Being dateless on Valentine’s Day can really be painful and evoke feelings of loneliness and insecurities. When I was single, I hated the bloody holiday with a passion and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. But then I started to wonder why I cared so much that I didn't have a romantic love interested when I had so many other people I did love and could celebrate with on Valentine's Day. What resulted was this strategy for surviving Valentine's Day with a smile and without worrying about the pressures or pitfalls that this season brings.

-Being single doesn’t

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