The Glee Project Recap: "Pairability"

Instead of shooting one large group video this week, each pair shot their own mini video. The pairs and videos went something like this:

Pair: Damien and Matheus
Song: “The Lady is a Tramp,” from the musical Babes in Arms
The Shoot: As the winner of the homework challenge, Marissa made a cameo appearance as the titular “Lady,” while the boys wore trench coats and ran around a bench during most of the video. The video looked a bit awkward due to the significant height different between the two, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Damien had thighs of steal after having to lunge so much just to be at the same approximate level as Matheus. Plus, while Damien was perfectly at home in the swing genre, Matheus had trouble with it and they didn’t sound particularly good together.

Pair: Hannah and Alex
Song: “Nowadays,” from Chicago
The Shoot: With Alex in drag (which he pulled of pretty well, aided by that effeminate voice of his) the pair mimicked '20s style in flapper dresses and wigs a la Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly in the film adaptation of the musical. The friends had effortless chemistry, and although Hannah yet again had difficulty with their sexy dance moves, they looked great and pulled off a great shoot.

Who knows what he'll do if she doesn't start wanting him soon…
  • Who knows what he'll do if she doesn't start wanting him soon…
Pair: Marissa and Samuel
Song: “Don’t You Want Me,” by The Human League
The Shoot: For obvious reasons the video was '80s themed — complete with crimped hair, denim jackets and a smoke machine — and the pair had perfectly intense, sulky chemistry. For the final shot of the video, the director told Marissa to kiss Samuel — without telling him ahead of time. She followed orders, surprising not only Samuel but all the other contenders watching on a monitor in the green room.

Pair: Lindsay and Cameron
Song: “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” written and originally performed by Frank Loesser
The Shoot: Not one to be shown up, Lindsay knew she had to do something to stand out after Marissa kissed Samuel. She was already doing extremely well (and putting her partner's discomfited dancing to shame) when she surprised Cameron by planting one right on his lips at the end of the video. A surprise kiss may have been cool with Samuel, but Cameron didn’t take it well at all. In fact, he called his mother crying and said he felt like he cheated on his girlfriend. All I can say is: Seriously?

When it came to picking a bottom three to do last chance performances for Ryan Murphy, the mentors switched it up. Instead of choosing three individuals, they chose three of the four pairs to perform. The pair they let off the hook was Marissa and Samuel. The performances went as such:

Pair: Hannah and Alex
Song: “Valerie,” by The Zutons, covered by Amy Winehouse
Performance: Although I thought Hannah sounded really bad compared to Alex (perhaps because it was live), the friends were very cute and got a great reaction from the mentors. Ryan called Hannah “pure joy” and said that they are exactly what Glee is about.

Pair: Damien and Matheus (pictured right)
Song: “These Boots are Made for Walking,” by Nancy Sinatra
Performance: The performance itself was quite strange — they wore rain boots and basically play-fought on the stage — but in a way that worked, considering it was a song about adultery being sung by two straight guys. After the performance, Ryan yet again brought up Matheus’ confidence, but Damien came to his defense saying that people continuously cut Matheus down when he attempts to be confident. Matheus supported this claim by citing a moment during the week when Alex went all divalicious and said Matheus didn’t have the same range as him.

Pair: Cameron and Lindsay
Song: “River Deep Mountain High,” made famous by Ike and Tina Turner
Performance: The performance itself was nothing special; Lindsay belted some notes and Cameron was awkward. I was really excited when Ryan called Cameron out on crying to his mama, but when he explained all about his morals, etc. Ryan seemed to like the reasoning behind it. Ryan even said that he could possibly write a religious character for Cameron.

After the performances, the mentors narrowed it down to three: Matheus, Alex and Cameron. Ryan outed Matheus for calling Alex a diva, which caused some tears and bickering backstage when the judges were still deliberating. Ultimately, Matheus wasn’t called back. It was really just a matter of time. Well-defined abs can only get you so far in life. Consider yourself warned, Taylor Lautner.

The Glee Project" title="Darren Criss as guest judge on The Glee Project" width="448" height="300" />
  • Darren Criss (left) as guest judge on The Glee Project

This week on The Glee Project, Darren Criss was back to teach the contenders a bit about “Pairability,” aka the ability to perform a duet. The eight contenders paired off for the Homework Challenge to sing a part of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” and they had to get over any problems with intimacy quickly — something a few of the contestants had real trouble with. Hannah was shy around Damien and Matheus wasn’t comfortable pretending to be gay (Alex was his partner), but they got past it and performed fairly well. Cameron, on the other hand, made it clear that he was uncomfortable being "intimate" with someone other than his girlfriend because he’s a Christian and… I pretty much tuned him out after that. The kid's an actor, and all actors eventually have to feign intimate with someone other than their significant other. So suck it up Cameron.

Despite Cameron’s total awkwardness, his partner Marissa did very well and won the challenge. As a result she got to choose her partner for the video shoot, and to Cameron’s dismay she chose Samuel, who Darren called “electric” during his critique of their performances. That was definitely a shrewd decision on her part.

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