The Hip Hop ABCs: The winner of Letter C, vote on Letter D

The alphabetical rap battles continue

We recently launched the second edition of the Hip Hop ABCs, where we ask readers who consider themselves passionate hip hop fans which emcee or group they feel is the best in the game as driven by the letters of the alphabet. And the polling continues!

The first edition winner Atmosphere gave way to Afrika Bambaataa before the Beastie Boys successfully defended their crown in this rap rumble reboot. The Letter C brings us our second dethroning. Common recently won a Grammy, but he was unable to be a repeat winner here. This time around, Cypress Hill smoked the competition...

These west coast Latino kings may be lacking a Grammy but they do boast four platinum albums, three top ten singles, two number on records and one ridiculously long bong

This influential 1990s group spawned solo careers for Mellow Man Ace and B-Real and became outspoken proponents of the ongoing fight to legalize marijuana. While I’ve never experimented with weed, I proudly (and secretly; sorry mom and dad) owned a Black Sunday cassette tape as a kid. Yes, cassette tape. Multiple music formats later, Cypress Hill is still headlining shows and rolling around with their proverbial hand on the pump.

Congrats, gentleman, you win the Letter C round of the Hip Hop ABCs. Now we move on to the Letter D. Who is everyone out there rolling with? Vote below

Infinite Skillz is a Hip Hop fan and emcee. Click here to find out more about his music.

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