The Hip Hop ABCs: The winner of Letter D; vote on Letter E

The alphabetical rap battles continue

Welcome back to the Hip Hop ABCs where we ask readers who consider themselves hip-hop aficionados which emcee or group they feel is the best in the game as driven by the letters of the alphabet. Afrika Bambaataa, the Beastie Boys, and Cypress Hill have already been crowned morphemic masters of their respect letters.

This week we tackle the Letter D, but the voting had me thinking more about the letters WTF, as in WTF are these voters doing. In a grouping that included past champion De La Soul, the troubled yet still legendary DMX, and current mainstream favorite Drake, the winner of the hip-hop ABCs Letter D is Death Grips.

If you are like me, you may be asking yourself who or what is Death Grips. I had no idea, but 47% of the voting compelled me to find out. They are a Sacramento based experimental hip-hop trio made up of producer Andy Morin, emcee Stefan Burnett, and drummer Zach Hill. Their music is as non-formulaic as their website is NSFW.

With track names like “Have A Sad Cum”  and “Fuck Me Out” I probably should have figured that out so shame on me right?

Death Grips are really something you have to experience, but you better hurry up. They are apparently breaking up  with their final (and widely leaked, often by the group itself) album The Powers That B due out March 31.

So get to know Death Grips, your winner of the Hip Hop ABCs Letter D, but don’t be a dummy like me. Wait until you’re not at work. No need to delay voting on the Letter E though. Do that now.

Infinite Skillz is a Hip Hop fan and emcee. Click here to find out more about his music.

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