The Hip Hop ABCs: The winner of Letter P; vote on Letter Q

Welcome back to the Hip Hop ABCs, an alphabetically inclined quest to find the best that rap music has to offer. For each letter, Creative Loafing readers vote to decide which artist or group deserves the most recognition. This week we vote on the letter Q, but before we get to that, we must pay homage to the Public Enemy, winner of the Letter P.

Polar opposites. Perfect balance. On one hand you have penetrating political pontifications. On the other you have a puerile peripheral peacock (with a clock); publicly speaking of course. It is doubtful the world could digest the power of Chuck D without the levity of Flavor Flav. The beauty of this hip hop juxtaposition has endured the so-called flattening of the music industry and the social media revolution that Chuck D occasionally lectures about. They are icons in every sense of the word.

They have headlined international tours and sold millions of records. They have been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. If Chuck D’s voice and message had any less potency, Flavor Flav would have been a show stealer. Instead, they formed a hip hop super nova of constant luminosity. You see it. You feel it. You voted for them. Who gets the cue for the Letter Q?

Infinite Skillz is a Hip Hop fan and emcee. Click here to find out more about his music.

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