The Sounds of CL, Vol. I: What the music team is listening to right now, from 9th Wonder to Velvet Underground

Tracy May Jakob Dylan, Women and Country

I haven't been able to make it through a entire Jakob Dylan disc since The Wallflower's Bringing down the Horses, but this I like. Throw in some guest appearances by Neko Case, Kelly Hogan and T-bone Burnett, and it gets to camp out in my CD player for the week.

[image-1]Infinite Skillz 9th Wonder, The Dream Merchant 2

A Record Store Day 2010 acquisition!!!

JoelAgainst Me!, White Crosses

When I saw Against Me! live in February, I was somewhat put off by the poppiness of their new material. I got an early (and might I add, legal) copy of White Crosses, and quickly realized my worries were unfounded. It’s an excellent record – a compact 10 songs, but lacking some of the blister of New Wave. My only complaint is I miss James Bowman’s backup vocals, which are less prevalent than on any Against Me! release since he joined.

Shawn Velvet Underground, 1969: Velvet Underground Live

The best  Velvets album, even though Nico isn't on it.

[image-2]Gabe Arcadia, So Red The Rose (Deluxe 2-CD/DVD Anniversary edition)

This Duran Duran side project album (originally released in 1986) gets the deluxe treatment; fantastic remastering, bonus remixes and b-sides, and for the first time ever, the accompanying video album on full digital DVD. This highly nuanced album has been begging for a decent remastering for a long time now. The time has arrived! And it sounds better than ever!

Deborah Toro y Moi, Causers of This

The debut from The Heist and The Accomplice lead singer Chaz Bundick. It's perfect background music for work: hip-hop-flavored chillwave, with inspired production and textural layers of sound. Great for fans of Neon Indian, Washed Out, Memory Tapes, and Real Estate.

Nicole Greenland is Melting, Our Hearts are Gold, Our Grass is Blue

The perfect antidote to Monday's malaise. If listening to this trio's inspired folk punk doesn't take you away to the land of front porches, breezes and lemonade, nothing will. Streaming and download's are available on their website now.

[image-3]Matthew Patty Griffin, Silver Bell

Gem of a record that got lost in the shuffle and shelved when A&M Records was sold to Universal. Fortunately, it made its way onto fan-sharing sites several years later.

Stephen Black Francis, Nonstoperotik

My favorite songwriter has had as many misses as hits with his last handful of albums, but this release is sounding like an old friend. "Dead Man's Curve" is a great song. I love it when he collaborates with Eric Drew Feldmen (ex-Pere Ubu member). The sound is more aggressive and rough around the edges, which I guess is why this is a Black Francis record and not a Frank Black record.

Evan Camera Obscura, My Maudlin Career

At first I missed their early album's low-fi style, but I think Maudlin's super production is growing on me. It's also sort of charming how unabashedly romantic they are, even when it's probably more than a little tongue-in-cheek. And so many good lyrics!

Steve Broken Bells, Broken Bells

Danger Mouse scores again!

What are you listening to right now? We want to know! Leave your answer below in the comments section...

Ever wonder what the Creative Loafing music team has been listening to, above and beyond all those albums we review? There's plenty, believe me; here's this Monday's selections.

Leilani Tahiti Boy and Palmtree Family, Good Children Go to Heaven

I've fallen in love with this album. It's so charming and eclectic and tasteful in a European sort of way, features a guest appearance by the always fab Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio. It could stand to be cut down by about three or four songs, however...

Scott Ha Ha Tonka, Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South

Got interested when I heard they'd be here with Murder by Death on Friday. So much more than Southern Gothic, it's a timeless, literate electric-folk collection.

Taylor Electric President, The Violent Blue

The multi-tasking force behind Radical Face, Patients, etc., has written a must-listen group of songs that ebb and flow together into an hour of mesmerizing lushness.

Jeff 7 Day Binge, 7 Day Binge

Although I just spent the last four days on the road with these guys, the songs haven't gotten old and I'm still rocking my ass off! (Click here to read Jeff's interview with 7 Day Binge bassist Todd Harrell.)

Joran El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Ciencia de los Inutiles

Mars Volta principal Omar Rodriguez Lopez's recent acoustic outing, once again utilizing vocalist Ximena Sariñana Rivera (recently featured on the Solar Gambling LP). Ximena's voice is much better suited to these spare arrangements (acoustic guitar, upright and Rhodes piano). Beautiful stuff, perfect for a rainy day. Stream it for free here.

Amber The Dirty Heads, Any Port In A Storm

Pretty much obsessed with this hip hop-reggae rockin' musically excellent freshman album. (Click here to read Amber's review of Any Port in a Storm.)

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