This week in Tampa Bay area live music: Travis Porter, Antiwarpt, Little Feat, Kiss & Motley Crue + more

Concerts, July 21-August 1.

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Ol' Dirty Sundays w/Chang Bang & Ynot This edition of the weekly hip hop dance party features two special guests: local favorite Chang Bang (Red Bull Music Academy), a progressive house DJ who incorporates elements of disco, soul, electro, techno, classic hip hop and indie rock into his sound; and Orlando's turntable twister, DJ YNOT (Lazy Afternoon) slings hip hop, reggae and gospel music in his mix and mashes. (Crowbar, Ybor City) —LP

The Mudflappers w/Midnight Bowlers League Orlando-based seven-piece The Mudflappers has dubbed their genre "Floridana," gypsy folk is a more appropriate description; it's traveling music, plain and simple, with fast-paced, easy-to-dance-to numbers and muddy and powerful backup vocals littering many of their recordings. Singers Sarah Elizabeth Patrick and Lauren Carder have a ways with their mics: their voices are deliberate and strong yet hint at sultry jazz. Harmonica, mandolin, and banjo are all featured over a heavy dose of acoustic guitar. Midnight Bowlers League warm things up with their more traditional rockabilly sound. (Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa) —MP

Yes w/Procul Harum It's sort of funny, the way fans of standard classic rock see these groups as emphatically progressive, while die-hard prog-rock fans tend to think of them as the aural equivalent of a gateway drug. Then there are the "MTV Generation" folks who only know Yes via "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Hey, folks who only know Yes via "Owner of a Lonely Heart": that longhair in Guitar Center making you feel inferior as he shreds quietly on acoustic guitar with a Mona Lisa-esque expression of enigmatic pleasure on his face IS PLAYING YES RIFFS. Oh, and Procol Harum did "A Whiter Shade of Pale," not "Knights in White Satin." You're thinking of The Moody Blues. (Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater) —SH

Summer Slaughter Tour w/Cannibal Corpse/Between the Buried and Me/The Faceless/Periphery/Veil Of Maya/Goatwhore/Job For A Cowboy/Exhumed/Cerebral Bore
GLLLLLOOOORRRRRRRRRBBBBRRRRAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHGGGGSSSSLLLLLLUUUURRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Any extreme metal bill that includes both Goatwhore and Job for a Cowboy is a good extreme metal bill. And you know I'd make a not-so-clever joke about the female-fronted Cerebral Bore being boring if they were at all boring, but they don't seem to be, dammit. DAMMIT! (The Ritz Ybor, Ybor City) —SH

Agalloch w/Taurus
Allagoch hails from Portland and purveys a dark-tinged brand of avant-prog metal that draws heavily on elements of folk, black and doom — harsh growled vocals trade off with cleaner calls on topics ranging from nature to ancestral Heathenry over driving, drawn-out post-rock style instrumentals that build to heavy crescendos. Back-up on the current tour provided by fellow hometown band Taurus, an experimental/drone outfit made up of members of Dark Castle and Purple Rhinestone Eagle. (Orpheum, Ybor City) —LP

Little Feat w/Roy Joy
With its members' consummate musicianship and wildly eclectic influences, Little Feat polished the edge where chaotic hippie acts met the '70s AM-radio mainstream and set the stage for the pop-tinged jam band decades before the fact. Word around the campfire is, they're still a hell of a live act for music fans of all ages, and the band’s first album of new material in nine years, Rooster Rag, is garnering impressive reviews. (Capitol Theatre, St. Petersburg) —SH

BBQ Wednesday Acoustic Series: Matt Woods It's a shame the tradition of a community coming together to share good food and good music on a summer's eve (har) has faded over the course of recent generations; kudos to New World for once again pairing up two kindred expressions of love for the scene to enjoy. The Brewery makes absolutely kick-ass southern grub. Matt Woods makes absolutely kick-ass southern singer-songwriter pop-rock with just the right amount of twang and spice. What more do you need to know? Enjoy it — you'll be home in plenty of time for a good night’s sleep. (New World Brewery, Ybor City) —SH

The Contortionist w/Jeff Loomis/Chimp Spanner/7 Horns 7 Eyes Dueling guitarists crush out distortion or deliver intricate spider-fingered fret runs, and along with heavy mathematic drumming, create the twisted time signatures of Indianapolis prog-metal/deathcore outfit The Contortionist, gut-deep roars and bellows overpowering the gently chanted vocals, spewing and wheeling and raging over the elaborate muscular instrumentals. Sophomore album Intrinsic was just released in July via eOne/Good Fight Music. (State Theatre, St. Petersburg) —LP

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