Tonight in live music: BBQ Wednesdays with Jeff Caudill, Lance Bangs with Sports Coach, Summerland Tour

A breakdown of concerts happening this Wed., July 13...

BBQ Wednesdays with Jeff Caudill, Russ Van Cleave Jeff Caudill is the mastermind behind GameFace, a significant band that draws fans from both emo and pop punk scenes. His solo work still contains trace elements of the playful and voluminous energy that made Gameface so memorable. Which, while not as playful as Gameface, is certainly great music to chill out to. Russ Van Cleave balances his strained voice between harmonica and bright melodies. There's no pretensions about his live performances, just that certain sort of honesty between performer and audience appropriate for a night of barbecue and beer. (New World Brewery, Ybor City) –Brian Roesler

Lance Bangs with Sports Coach, Donna Lu I’m not exactly sure how Lance Bangs (the band) is getting away with adopting the name of Lance Bangs (the filmmaker/music video director) for use, but maybe the latter just doesn’t know about the former, or simply doesn’t care about what a Richmond, Va. area garage rock band with lo-fi lackadaisical tendencies does with his handle, as long as it isn’t, you know, making child porn or something. This tour they’re joined by Sports Coach, another lo-fi band but with a vaguely ‘80s post-punk/dance feel. (The Bends, St. Petersburg) –Leilani Polk

Summerland Tour w/Sugar Ray/Everclear/LIT/Sponge You might as well add a subhed to this bill reading, “A bunch of bands that all sound the same and stank up the post-grunge ‘90s with the same three-chord guitar progressions.” Sure, Everclear has some Cali sunshine-lit charm and that song “Molly” by Sponge isn’t bad, it just reminds me of this kinda shitty girl I used to know. (Same name.) And Sugar Ray and LIT… I’m sorry, I can’t fake it, those two are really terrible, I gotta stop while I’m still feeling nice or face total o-blurb-buration. At least the Summerland Tour lands on (near) the water… (R.O.C. Park, Madeira Beach)–LP


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