Tournament of Tacos: Day 4 and 5 Results

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The closest taco-a-taco face-off had to be between Casa Tina and Mexico Lindo. Lindo makes typical -- but undoubtedly tasty -- traditional tacos from the back of a bodega, while Dunedin's Casa Tina serves updated fish tacos with elegant sauces. Those extra touches gave Casa Tina the edge, confirmed by an almost unanimous vote by the readers.

Mekenita's funky sauces and interesting ingredients easily elevated their tacos past staid Vallarta's, along with a lead in the readers' poll of exactly 100 votes.

Neither Chihuahua nor Estela's put up much of a showing, but beef accented by a blast of bright flavor gave Chihuahua the win. Red Mesa Cantina's tacos -- although I wasn't much of a fan when I reviewed the place a few week's ago -- easily beat Zapata's flaccid version. The voting was also flaccid in both contests, with only a handful of readers bothering to pick their fave. Whick might explain why Zapata's and Estela's are the first critic's pick losers to win a nod in the popular vote. Yep, by a vote of 6-3 and 10-3, Zapata's and Estela's make the readers' poll Savory Sixteen.

Casa Tina, Mekenita, Chihuahua and Red Mesa Cantina move on in the critic's bracket.

Casa Tina, Mekenita, Estela's and Zapatamove on in the readers' brackets.

Who will be next to rise, or fall? Will you readers make more mistakes? Check out more results -- or to vote in today's matchups -- at our Tournament of Tacos info page.

Confused? Read the intro to the tourney and find the contenders to start planning your own taco tasting trip.

The first weekend of CL's Tournament of Tacos competition saw the full range of taco artisans at play, from modernized Mex restaurants to corner bodegas, from Latin-fusion to combo-plate factories.

Here were the matchups:

Casa Tina vs. Mexico Lindo

Mekenita Mexican Grill vs. Vallarta's

Red Mesa Cantina vs. Zapata's

Chihuahua vs. Estela's

Did this weekend finally result in the upset of high-seeded taco? Who advances to the Savory Sixteen? Which tacos took the popular vote?

Find out after the break:

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