Usher! OMG Tour at Amway Center, Orlando

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I don't think the ladies in the front row will forget that outfit or Akon's dazzling smile anytime soon.

But Akon was just a warm up for the Usher part of the show.

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It's hard to compete on a level playing field with the modern master of dance, especially when he comes flying in on a platform dressed in black leather. After a few signature dance moves, his helmet came off, then the black gloves, and before long, the leather jacket, too.

Usher struck a few poses, danced alot, flexed a little, and the impossibly loud screaming became a little louder. Then he danced some more. As I said before, this was the Usher show and he was giving the crowd what they expected. And for good measure, he even threw in a few songs. Overall, a successful and fulfilling night.

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Another well-timed trip to Orlando last Wednesday night saw my first foray into Orlando's new Amway Arena. I've been wanting to dislike this place for months because they've been able to woo all of the big shows away from Tampa lately — Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, and Sade no less.

But after spending three hours snapping shots of Usher and his partners-in-crime for the "OMG Tour," I've become a fan. And not even half-heartedly ... I've completely sold-out, dammit!

They gave the media parking spaces "inside" the garage. We're not accustomed to being treated like people, so it was surreal. We might have covered parking at the forum, but I couldn't tell you what it looks like as I never get to park there. Well, not for free anyway...

Opening the show was Dev + the Cataracs, best known for their track "Fly Like a G6." They got the crowd pumped up for Akon, whose entrance was preceded by a gangster-like video short, before he strolled out all decked in white.

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