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In 2001, Jason Ruck (keyboard), Nyles Lannon (guitar), Justin Labo (bass) and Ben Montesano (drums) joined him as they formed a proper quintet.

Between then and now, Greg stands as the only original member of the line-up. Ben was replaced by Donnie Newhouse who was later replaced by James Smith; Lorelei Plotczyk replaced Justin on bass; Dave Dupuis replaced Nyles on guitar.  Although Film School remains Greg’s band and he continues to change the line-up, the sound remains consistent.

according to Greg, Film School creates “layered melodies and big washes of sound” and draws from post-punk and noise-rock and performs with an “unrestrained guitars and loud driven drumbeats - but it is a sound as brooding, atmospheric and self-contained as it is explosive and infectious.”

[image-1]Film School released their fourth LP, Fission on August 31, 2010.  The band also provided music to Windows Vista commercials and Demetri Martin's short films, collectively known as "Clearification."

Check out Film School’s November 18, 2008 daytrotter session here.  The first single off Fission is available for free download off of AOL Spinner here.  Visit the band’s myspace page here and website here.

Check here to see if Film School have any gigs scheduled near you.

As always, whenever possible, please buy your music from your local independent music store by people who know and love music and not from retailers like Wal-Mart (soulless, globally-homogenizing, community-killers) or i-Tunes (albums should be listened to as an entire composition with album cover and liner notes in hand). Incidentally, these two companies sell more music than any other retailer in the United States. That my friend, bites.

Film School are never ending.

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San Francisco’s Film School formed in 1998 by Greg Bertens (vocals).  At age 10, Greg began piano lessons, playing mostly Ragtime and Mozart; it wasn’t until years later, while listening to Nirvana that he thought he might like his own band.  as soon as he got over the idea of being the next Kurt Cobain, he realized that he spent all of his time playing music, listening to music, or working out melodies in his head.  He figured he might as well go pro with it.

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