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Suicide City, Horrorpops, Forever Changed

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FOREVER CHANGED/STAPLE/SIDES OF THE NORTH It's kind of ridiculous to label a genre after the faith of the musicians that perform it, but it's almost unavoidable that this show will get slotted as "Christian rock." The phrase really means nothing beyond the clue it gives you to lyrical content. Forever Changed, for example, sounds like any modern rock band, and is even tougher than a lot of others out there. I'm just waiting for the split into "Protestant rock" and "Catholic rock." (688 Skatepark, Clearwater) CLB

BILL SCHUSTIK It seems like Schustik's in town every couple of months. He's well known for his versions of traditional American ballads, stretching out to tackle even sea chanteys and other folk varieties. The man's got a big, throaty voice perfectly suited to his milieu of choice. Plus, this is a beautiful chance to catch a concert outdoors and enjoy the evening. When the set strays into the too obscure or the just plain boring, the wind and the waves will keep you satisfied. (Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Sarasota) CLB


BLUES TRAVELER The band rose to popularity in the '90s, riding the commercial crest of the jam-band scene. Frontman John Popper, he of the impressive girth and bold hats, earned a rep as a badass harmonica blower, with a speedy technique akin to bebop legend Charlie Parker. I gotta say, though, that it sounded mostly like chattering to me. Blues Traveler lived through its fall from the charts, as jam bands are apt to do, and Popper shed a bunch of weight. Wonder if he kept it off? (Jannus Landing, St. Pete) ES

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