Young woman dreaming of a key

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heritage. It represents all the things your father wants you to discover in his absence. He wants you to unlock the family mysteries, beliefs and dreams. He wants you to find the family “treasure” so you will carry on in his name. Do you want to honor his memory and do that? Think about it, as it is no light task.

Dream Momma once worked with a woman in Chicago who also dreamed of a key. That dream led her to go to Ireland and discover her family tree, along with everything I just mentioned. For her, it was an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Just remember, the “Hero’s Journey” is not limited to the male gender. Women can take it too. You are called to do that in this dream and my guess is you are ready and capable.

Dream Momma

“Dream Momma, I’m a young woman from Tampa. My dad died a little over a year ago. The other night I dreamed he gave me a key. The key was fancy and old. It was gold or gold metal. I read your blogs a lot so I know the key is probably a symbol, but still wanted some input from you.”

Thank you for following my blog and yes, you are correct: The key is a symbol. Now, the cool thing about dream symbols is that they are very specific in their own way. For example, ask yourself why he didn’t give you a different type of key; a modern one or a pink one with little dots on it?  This particular key is about your

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