1 in 4 Americans think it's fine to be online during sex

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A study conducted by the computer security company, PC Tools, discovered that almost 25% of Americans don't see a problem with being online during sex. What the company perhaps forgot to ask is how many of these people consider "sex" to be an act they do while online.

As you might imagine, the online invasion has not only penetrated our sex lives, but every forum of human interaction no matter how sacred. Near 30% of respondents think it's perfectly fine to be connected online during a wedding. 41% find no problem being online during a family dinner.

Despite our obvious dependency to being plugged in at all times, like heroin junkies using dirty needles, we're surprisingly careless when it comes to protecting our computers and personal information from online viruses. Respondents claimed they would rather change a diaper, be stuck in traffic, visit a dentist, or get a colonoscopy than face the task of clearing a virus from their machines.

This may be surprising considering that 79% of Americans keep files on their PCs that they don't want family members, co-workers, employers, or friends to discover. Nearly 50% said they would be embarrassed if friends or relatives saw certain digital material they keep tucked away on their computers. As expected, more men than women, 18 % compared to 12%, were worried about loved ones reviewing their website history. This last one surprises me. Either less than 1 in 5 are visiting sites they know might offend a loved one, or maybe we're simply becoming much more open about our affection for previously taboo things like online porn.

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