12 ways to start living greener and smarter

The greening of our community starts with you. Here is a brief outline of 12 things you can do immediately to live smarter:

1. Turn your food scraps and yard waste into compost to replenish your starving soil.

2. Start a worm bin, worms eat food waste (garbage) and turn it into nutrient rich, organic soil.

3. Collecting and use rainwater, graywater and air conditioning runoff to water your plants.  Also, conserve the water you use by being conscious when you have the water running.

4.  Plant Florida Native plants that require little water and no fertilizers or pesticides- offer native wildlife a sustainable habitat.

5. Reuse the blank side of bills, paperwork and envelopes for notes, recipes, & non-essential printer paper.

6. Recycling: The best way to reduce any environmental impact is NOT to recycle more, but to produce and dispose of less. Re-use glass jars and screw cap bottles for drinking water.

7. Buy local organic food and support locally owned businesses.

8. Use fewer toxic chemicals in your home. Look into eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

9. Conserve energy by riding a bike and carpooling, turning off and unplugging electronics, and by hanging your clothes on the line to dry instead of using the clothes dryer.

10. Nutrition and diet are at the base of living green and smart, by sprouting and eating whole foods and locally grown organic foods.

11. Growing food is taking control of your basic needs back from large agribusinesses.

12.  Education: share this knowledge with friends, family and your community. Through our living experience we speak the truth.

These are just a few things that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and to be more consciously aligned with the natural world.  All of these recommendations cost us little to no money and will transform our current lifestyles into a new way of living where food, nutrients, and life are the end product.

Look for my next posts, I will go in depth to each one of these 12 things.

If you have some things that you do to live smarter please leave them in a comment below.

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