Signs your marriage will last (video)

-Happily married couples say five nice things to and about each other for every one negative exchange.

-A woman who rolls her eyes when a man speaks shouldn't marry the object of her aggravation.

-If you find the same things funny and laugh often together, you'll keep laughing at all the couples who married for the wrong reasons.

-If one partner says "I" more than "we" when talking to others about their relationship, this is a sign that he or she isn't ready to give up his or her single identity.

-If one of you tends to escalate conflicts, or if the male partner responds to arguments by walking away, you shouldn't get married. Fighting isn't linked to divorce. However, quality couples handle arguments calmly and respectfully—most of the time.

-Other factors that increase the risk of divorce: getting married under the age of 25, lacking higher education, earning a low income, having different religions, coming from a broken home.

Of course these signs are no indicator of how happy or faithful your marriage will be, just that you'll stick it through.

Also, the main trouble with qualified relationship advice is that couples in relationships rarely take it. In the fog of love or hate, we all think our situation is unique, magical, fated, or incomprehensible to outsiders. This list is more for sober singles to keep in the back of their minds for the next time they're in a serious relationship. Even though you tell people you knew instantly she was the woman you would marry, it's nice to have a checklist for reassurance.

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Do you hand-feed your lover cold meat?
  • Do you hand-feed your lover cold meat?

The moment you realize whom you're going to marry is different for everyone. For some it comes after peeing on a pregnancy test. For others it happens after drinking all day in a Vegas pool.

However, whenever I hear a guy say that he knew from the first time he saw his current wife that they were destined to marry, I can't help but think of all the women I've seen in the past week who I imagined myself marrying. Well maybe "marry" isn't the right verb. Still, do these guys truly believe in love at first sight or do they merely add this hyperbolic element to jazz up the story of how the couple met?

As it turns out, whether one believes in love at first sight or not, such a sappy love story may be an indicator that your marriage will last. Psychologists have found that couples who are more explanatory when describing how they met are more likely to stay together. This is just one of several predictors of marital longevity revealed in the surprisingly practical video below.

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