Activists to meet in St. Pete to attempt to come up with economic solutions

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Well, with the D.C. establishment mired in daily arguments, it can't hurt, can it?

Aaron Dietrich is organizing the event in St. Petersburg.

"We are here to develop a path forward. Our representatives have proven themselves
unwilling to address the concerns we face on a daily basis, so we have charged ourselves
with developing an economic blueprint for America. We have no problem with the rich,
our problem is with the poor and unemployed, they should not exist in the wealthiest
country in the world. We must begin designing our own future if our leaders are unable to hear the people’s state of desperation. We demand an economy that works for all Americans. We demand economic justice, not a 'business-friendly climate.’”

Among the ideas that participants can discuss and vote on will include 1) returning to fairer tax rates to 2) ending ALL of the Bush-era Tax Cuts (which Barack Obama opposes, wanting to maintain those for people making less than $250,000) and creating a new tax bracket for the "super-rich," - those making more than $1 million a year.

Listed below is information on when and where this event will take place:

WHAT: Economic Justice Now!
WHO: Local Residents
WHERE: Maximo Waterfront Park, 6500 34th St S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711
WHEN: 4:00pm, Saturday July 16th

You've heard of the Contract with America. Now a group of progressives are gathering in St. Petersburg and across the country this Saturday, July 16, to come up with a new “Contract for the American Dream." and the group Rebuild the Dream are holding such meetings (a reported 1,500) to come together and try to provide solutions to the economic crises in the U.S.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich supports the movement:

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