400 naked people attempt to destroy the skinny dipping world record (video)

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In the last decade several attempts have been made to break the skinny dipping world record. With each attempt, the bar is set just a little higher. Surprisingly, many of these records seem to be set in notoriously cold countries with populations who are not particularly inclined to take off their clothes in public.

With the perfect weather for swimming, and an abundance of nude enthusiasts, I can't help but wonder why Florida has not made a bid for dominance on the skinny dipping world stage. I've personally witnessed a few hundred people skinny dipping at Caliente Resort on Skinny Dip Sundaes. These people weren't even trying to break a record or raise money for a charity. This was just their normal Sunday activity. Imagine what kind of numbers we could generate with our abundance of beautiful beaches and bold sunbathers. Now, if only there was a certain online editor who had the balls to organize such a fiasco.

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On a beautifully overcast summer morning in Wales, just under 400 brave souls amassed on the beach, ready to strip down and charge into the freezing surf like a renegade battalion armed only with their blinding nakedness. Their challenge, to remain in the freezing water for ten minutes in order to defeat the current skinny dipping world record of a mere 250 people. While Guinness World Records is still reviewing the attempt, the group did valiantly raise £13,000 for charity.

This naked mission was organized by British online editor, Alison Powell. She had wanted to go skinny dipping for some time, but her friends kept coming up with excuses, such as the water was too cold or they needed a good excuse. To combat both of these copouts, Powell picked a summer day and organized the nude-fest as a charity event.

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