7-11's Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

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I'm not sure 7-11 counts as a restaurant.

Well, maybe it does because I see people getting their lunch there all they time. They have deli sandwiches, strange meat products on the grill and of course — Slurpees.

Every now and then, 7-11 does something that I find truly wonderful — they give free samples. Usually it's of their new disgusting Slurpee flavor, like "cappuccino".

However, on a recent visit I found something I couldn't resist: Candy Cane Hot Chocolate.

Much to my surprise they had free sample cups (about 1oz) to the side. I grabbed one of the wee things and watched the white-hot Candy Cane Chocolate come pouring out of the nozzle. As it bubbled up to the top it spilled and got all over my hands, but I didn't care. I have never seen white hot chocolate before that also happened to be candy cane flavored. my heart was racing.

I sipped the sample down and soon realized that 7-11 is amazing. They are experts at processed food and drinks. They have created an irresistible, classic holiday favorite straight out of a machine.

After I finished my sample, I got another sample cup and had another taste — just as good as the first. These stupid free samples started to convince me that I needed to actually buy a cup of this.

I finally broke down. I grabbed a small cup and filled it up. When I got to the counter the employee kindly charged me for a "refill" so it only cost me $1.06 with tax. (Boo. Yah.)

The magic of this drink is that it's delicate white hot chocolate with a small hint of candy cane/peppermint flavoring. Trust me it's worth a stop at 711.....even if you don't need gas.

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