A transgender man's theory: You are what you eat... and so is your baby

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Birth control effecting prenatal development is not just a theory, studies have been done, but my theory is that all types of hormones effect prenatal development, from food supplements to your mother's natural imbalance. That these hormones being distributed at different times during a pregnancy can change the outcome of a person's entire life. I try not to be mad about being born this way, it has made me who I am. I believe things happen for a reason. Sure, things could be easier -- but what would we learn from that?

Speaking of learning, before anyone pays too much attention to my theories I do have a disclaimer. I have had very  limited formal education. I think it's only fair you know, freedom of information and all. It seems I would rarely finish a year of school without a surgery (or in the case of one year, four) ending it for me. Eventually the school just kind of gave up on me, then I kind of gave up on myself. By senior year, my high school had decided I needed two more years to graduate. I decided I needed to get my GED or Good Enough Degree. If it helps my credibility at all, I scored very well on my GED, stoned. That makes the test a little more difficult, right? I also tried higher learning, but for physical and mental reasons I never got to finish, and all I learned was that when I don't repay my loan, my credit turns bad. Why we need a credit score I have no idea. It doesn't feel like a game.

Even without formal education I do possess a common sense that I have acquired with age. I have also tried to educate myself through reading. I like textbooks and have a lot of free time. I am sure my editor wishes I had concentrated more on grammar and punctuation, rather than history or sociology. So, maybe I don't know how to write a blog (properly) or have the slightest idea of how economics really work, but when I tell you about my theories regarding hormones and their effects on the fetus, I may have joked before, but I am not talking completely out of my ass. Not all gender benders or transexuals had mothers who were on birth control while pregnant, so there must be other biological reasons.

I used my common sense to put it all together, can you?

Recently we talked about what transexuals are, and I told you how you can make one. There is more I think you should know.

It's important to remember that not only birth control effects hormones or contains them. Your milk, your beef, your chicken, unless organic, are pumped full of hormones. So what you eat and when you eat it during your pregnancy could determine your child’s sex or make them the wrong one.  Sounds like a story the 5 o'clock news would use to scare you into watching their late show, I know. "How you could be changing the sex of your unborn baby, this very moment!! Tonight at 11." But here is a scary thought: what if it's true?

During gender therapy I told my therapist that my mother took birth control while pregnant and she hinted at the significance of this, as I suspected she would. I  figured putting all of those  artificial hormones into an unborn baby might somehow have relevance. She also pointed out my masculine features, including a small adam's apple, a heavier brow and a square jaw. I have always felt, due to my size, if you removed my breasts and gave me a penis, I would not need testosterone to pass as male as some female to male guys might.  (And anyone is welcome to give me  a penis at any time. Phalloplasty is an expensive surgery.)

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