Adult star, CoCo Brown, set to be the first 'asstronaut' in space (video)

Are you having to pay to be one of the first space tourists, or did they recruit you for the publicity of launching the first porn star into space?

You have to pay for it of course. Nothing is for free. But it was strange how I was introduced to it. It was an accident. I got invited to a space luncheon. I remember thinking, "What the hell is this? Are we going to look at stars? It's midday." And then they started talking about actual trips to space … I was like, "I have to do this."

I watched the video of you floating around in zero gravity on a training flight (see video below). I don't know how you did it. I would have puked everywhere.

They talked about that. Zero gravity is very interesting. They take you through three steps with different levels of gravity: lunar gravity, then Martian, then zero. You do 15 parabolic cycles. By the twelfth one I started to feel sick. They give you ginger gum for the nausea. I was constantly chewing it... But everything that goes up must come down. As soon as the parabola is over, everything comes flying down. If someone pukes, it will be floating up there, but then it will all come rushing down on you like rain. Luckily no one got sick.

Tell me you are going to be the first person to snap some erotic photos in space? Maybe a few topless pictures?

We have gear that we have to wear, but I'll see what I can do up there. Maybe I'll pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background.

Do you think space sex would be awesome or awkward?

I think sex in space would be an adventure. In zero gravity, the hardest thing is to stop yourself from spinning. You must take control of your body. The slightest push will send you flying across the room. Maybe it could work if you had bars and were holding on, but, again, the other person would float away. There would be nothing keeping you together. Maybe you could do it with some silly contraption, like one of those mesh sex chairs, but that would take away from the novelty of having sex in space.

So you don't think space porn will take off any time soon?

Anything is possible of course, but from my experience, I couldn't imagine having sex with someone in zero gravity, especially for the time it takes to do a scene. I would probably throw up before it was over.

Then, when the guy ejaculates I imagine that would open up a whole new can of worms.

Oh God! Yeah, that would be the next problem. Like I said, everything floats up, but as soon as gravity kicks in, it would come down like rain. So even if we were to do a cum shot, the cum wouldn't really go on her. It would just be floating in bubbles. It would be interesting. We could make her try to catch it with her mouth like how they tried to makes us catch water droplets and candy.

I'm picturing Pacman chomping away at those yellow dots.

That is really what it is like. I tried to catch droplets of water but they kept hitting my nose and chin.

Does the crew know your background as an adult entertainer?

Of course.

And they are okay with it?

They're from Holland. They really don't care … Plus I am pretty famous there too. People know me all over Europe.

You are wearing a German dirndl on your Skype photo. Did you go to Oktoberfest in Munich this year?

I've lived in Germany 13 years and no, I've never been to Oktoberfest. I don't like beer. If I do drink, I have radler, which is beer mixed with a citrus drink like Sprite. I have had about five or six radlers since I've been here in Berlin and that is the most beer I've probably had in the whole time I've lived in Germany.

When I was in Germany and Switzerland for Oktoberfest this year, I noticed an abundance of adult movie theaters, whereas there are very few adult cinemas in the US. Why do you think that is?

People are just more open about sex and their sexuality here. That's the only difference. They don't have a problem with it. I still get shocked when I'm watching TV today and I see a shower gel commercial and the guy is totally nude.

When you shoot content in Europe versus the U.S., is there a difference in what the two markets want?

I have had to do a lot of DPs (double penetration). Every movie I did in Germany was a DP. I wouldn't say the porn is any different, just maybe the girls here will do a little bit more because there are a lot of Eastern European girls to compete with. But I have my standards of what I will and will not do. I don't want to be the girl who is like, "Yeah, I did a scene where I got pooped on." Those things are forever. I just stick with good old fashion DPs.

So poop porn is legal in Germany?

Yes. I think the only thing they don't allow is sex with animals. That is allowed in Holland. There you can actually see a girl like, jerk off a horse. It's not very entertaining.

You own the casino website, Tell me people can play strip poker with you.


Does it have dirty playing cards with nude photos of you?

No. If I am being completely honest, I haven't even had a chance to fully explore the site yet. I have so many things going on. I have looked at it briefly. Everything seems fine. The next step will be trying to have strip poker or something where I can play with people. And, since I'm a Vegas girl, I'm going to win.

It seems like you have been on an extended hiatus from shooting.

I was on a hiatus, well, because, ummm …

I'm going to guess it had something to do with being in a relationship. Are you ready to jump back into it now?

I haven't really decided yet if I will jump back into doing films. I have had some discussions with people who do 3D cinema here. It would be interesting to do 3D porn, but that will depend on the market. Right now, more Germans have 3D TVs than Americans.

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CoCo Brown lives in the future — six hours in the future to be exact. Chatting via Skype from her home in Germany, Brown explains how she is training to be the first porn star in outer-space when Space Expedition Corporation, SXC, begins offering commercial space flights in a matter of months. My mouth moves at the speed of light trying to spit out all the questions I have for her. Will she take a picture of her boobs in zero gravity? Is space porn feasible? How can she live in Germany and hate beer?

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