Aerosmith update: Steven Tyler addresses alcoholism rumors

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As sober as you can be.

Care to comment on that clip on TMZ of you in a liquor store?

Oh, Jesus Christ. A good friend of mine and Joe's - the brother of the guy who works on my house, my housekeeper - passed away. I was at the funeral. And after the funeral, they're Italian and had a feast at the house, a wake, and I stopped at the liquor store and paid for the booze. I did not buy any for myself. It was never proven that I did. Some kid whipped out a phone and took a picture. Anything to sell papers. It was for the wake. I would do it over and over a million times.

How do you respond to reports of dissent within the band?

Someone is leaking stuff, pretending to know, and you know, I don't even care. Has the band done things to me where I've wanted to quit? Positively. But I've stuck in there for the sake of a few sounds we got. I respect the power this band has in and of itself regardless of who says what.

When did you last speak with the other guys?

Two days ago. Shit's good. I'm not the leader. No one's the leader, we're just one for all, all for one. It's probably why we've never quit. No one's got enough money! We split it evenly.

But you have signed with a different management company than the band, and you're working on a solo album.

I would imagine ... I can't tell you for sure, but I think there's a little animosity that I went with another management agency. Which is for me to know and you to find out. I'm certainly not in outs with the guys. But look, I do what I do. The easiest thing in the world is to say he's drunk or stoned. But what are you gonna do?

So there we have it, straight from the source. Tyler says he was sober at the time of his fall. However, the Rolling Stone interviewer never asked if Tyler was still living sober or about the allegations of "partying hard" made by the ever-ubiquitous 'unnamed source close to the band.'

As for his health following the tour - in the full interview Steven admits, "I'm on all the drugs I'm not supposed to be on," due to the broken shoulder. He spent time in rehab to overcome a painkiller addiction following foot surgery in 2008.

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Run DMC f/ Aerosmith "Walk This Way" (Raising Hell, 1986)


Since Aerosmith cancelled their summer tour, we've seen video frontman Steven Tyler shopping at a liquor store (the video was since taken down) and read about unnamed band employees making several revelations. Tyler has apparently been "partying hard." The rest of Aerosmith suspended work on their new album following the liquor store video. Tyler only communicates through his management. And so on.

On Tuesday, Rolling Stone posted a transcript of an interview with Steven Tyler that addressed some of these concerns and rumors.

Rolling Stone: What happened that night [you fell off the stage?]

I don't really know. There was a torrential downpour and the guys [at the campground] said, "Look, it's still slippery." I watched myself on YouTube, and it could have been my knee buckling or any ankle. The last thing I remember before I hit the ground was people grabbing for me, but they couldn't reach me because of the barricade. At any other Aerosmith show I probably would've been caught and thrown back onto the stage - naked and without jewelry [laughs]. I stood up and couldn't raise my arm and knew I'd broken something.

Rolling Stone: Were you sober?

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