Alcocholic Incendiary Critters at New World Brewery: Magadog, Light Yourself on Fire and The Boozers

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Magadog Mosaic 1

Magadog Mosaic 2

Magadog 5.30.09 - 22

Magadog is Ed Lowery (vocals), Jim Pedigo (vocals/keys), Dave Akright (bass guitar), Keith Bartlett (guitar), Carlos Velez (drums) David Russell (Trombone/Melodica), Kenny Pullin aka "Gwan Johnson" (Trumpet) and the mighty Joe Terrana (Sax).

Light Yourself on Fire

Light Yourself on Fire 5.30.09 - 48

Hailing from Tampa (aka the death metal capital of the world), Light Yourself on Fire does not waste any time when it comes to playing their special brand of Power Death metal in what can only be described as a pulverizing manner. Both their live performances and records are short in minutes, but long on impact. As Etan Rosebloom's review of their record Intimacy for Prefix Magazine stated, "Whether you’d prefer Light Yourself On Fire to break your kneecaps or quote you Kierkegaard, Intimacy gets the job done."

Now some unsolicited advice for surviving a Light Yourself on Fire performance. First, the band's name is how you might feel after seeing the band perform, not what you should actually do during a performance. I only mention the obvious because at a recent show, someone did attempt to light themselves on fire (see the video here - fastfoward to 1:45 if you are easily offended). Second, do not forget earplugs (remember deaf is not punk), because soul crushing metal is, by definition, very loud. If you like metal even just a tiny bit, do yourself a favor and check out Light Yourself on Fire. It will open your ears to the metal of the new millenium.

Light Yourself on Fire 5.30.09

Light Yourself on Fire are John Allen (guitar), Robert Winslow (bass), Ken Karg (drums), and Matt Coplon (vocals).

The Boozers

The Boozers 5.30.09 - 12

This was my first time seeing The Boozers. Since I'm straightedger, it might occur to readers that I probably wouldn't be too into a band with such a moniker. Luckily, in spite of their name, The Boozers played a very fun brand of oi-punk rock and were damn good at it, too.

The Boozers mosaic 5.30.09

The Boozers are Golddust, Ed Lowery, Joe Prince, Johnny Beerbottles, and Max McGregor.

Ed Lowery and friends (which includes the Tampa Two Stroke Scooter Club) threw a benefit concert in support of Mike Formato, a friend injured in a serious scooter accident, at New World Brewery this past Saturday May 30. It was a eclectic evening of music featuring sets by Magadog, Light Yourself on Fire and The Boozers.

Magadog 5.30.09 - 03


Magadog is the band that introduced me to ska at the tender age of 16, opening up a parallel universe to the SXE/hardcore scene. When I moved to DC for college, I was surprised to find that the hardcore and ska scenes didn't interact in any purposeful way like they do here in Tampa. When Magadog broke up, it was very sad ... my friends and I had so much fun through the years with them at shows with Checkered Cabs, Skavoovie and The Epitones, The Toasters, The Pietasters and many others. When Magadog reformed in 2007, we were psyched to have them back and so far, we haven't been disappointed! With one new record out, Sunrise..., and another on the way, Ybor City, Magadog is firmly back in the skank of things. Saturday evening's performance had the crowd skanking the night away... who doesn't love a little skaerobics?

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