Allen West latest Republican to jump off the Herman Cain Express

Well, one person says he's not buying her story, and that's Herman Cain, who sent out a letter to supporters Tuesday afternoon charging White's story was "fabricated" and "unsubstantiated," adding that she's now "abusing" his kind friendship over the years.

Although Cain denies the affair, others who had been championing his candidacy despite its many flaws seem to be out of explanations.

Although not a declared supporter previously, South Florida Republican Allen West absolutely seems to be taking Ms. White's claims seriously, telling a D.C. radio program this morning that "beyond reassessing his campaign, he probably needs to understand that he is a distracter for what's going on right now and we should move on."

Enhancing the attitude that he's just been winging it all along in order to sell "Herman Cain" the brand vs. a legitimate potential commander-in-chief, Cain tried to right his ship today by campaigning in....Ohio, which holds its important presidential primary election in June.

Although respectable Republicans have come up with alibis for Cain's seemingly incoherent campaign strategy for awhile now, even they now seem to have thrown their hands in the air.

Talk-show host Laura Ingraham — who once said that those who accused Cain of sexual harassment were trying to “put this man in … the back of the bus” — said on Fox yesterday that the 2012 race had “passed him by.”

Rush Limbaugh was also one of Cain's biggest supporters when Politico reported that the former pizza man had paid financial settlements to two women who claim he sexually harassed them when he was running the National Restaurant Association. You might recall that the talk-show host blamed the liberal media for Cain's alleged problems at the time.

And now? Well, we can only go by portions of the first hour we heard of El Rushbo's program on Wednesday, but Cain was only mentioned in the conservative icon's diatribe that regardless of the media outlet, they all were too busy focusing on the problems of each GOP candidate.

In that respect, Rush sounded like Congressman West, who on his radio show appearance lambasted the press for failing to focus as heavily four years ago on Barack Obama's association with such characters as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayres.

Meanwhile, that same scribe who broke the sexual harassment story in Politico, Jonathan Martin, has a lengthy piece out this afternoon that savages the ineptness of the Cain campaign.

Martin asks several questions regarding a series of "bungled situations" in the Cain campaign, with the first regarding his lowest moment of the campaign, bar none: his brain freeze when he was asked to comment on President Obama's decision to join NATO forces in attacking Libya back in the spring.

That incident happened at the editorial offices of the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal — even though Wisconsin is not one of the early presidential primary states. So why was the candidate there at all?

“My chief of staff and my assistant, they wanted to go to a football game, and I said yes!” Cain told the paper, referring to Block, a Wisconsin native, and another aide.

So in addition to attending a fundraiser in Milwaukee, Cain trekked to Wisconsin to attend a tailgate party and Green Bay Packers football game.

Funny stuff, although probably not so much for some of the talented Florida Republicans who announced just a few weeks ago that they were working on his campaign here in the Sunshine State. Serious questions remain if Cain will be able to make it another 71 days until the January 31 primary.

The wheels are coming off the Herman Cain Express rapidly, as the latest shoe to drop in the GOP presidential candidate's personal life — a charge by a woman named Ginger White that she had a 13-year sexual affair with the former Godfather's Pizza CEO — seems to be the final straw for some of his diehard supporters.

White sat down this morning with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos to chronicle her relationship with Cain, and seriously, after watching this painful interview, can anyone doubt her sincerity?

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