Amanda Shaw really isn't a ditz

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Me: Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews plays horns on "Brick," off your new disc. How'd you two meet?

Shaw: We first met, let me think, at [New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest] about three years ago. It's really great to work with him and his band, these young guys doing crossover, rock with funk. It's cool to work with somebody doing something similar.

Me: Who are some of your favorite singers?

Shaw: The Pretenders. Old No Doubt. The Clash. The Ramones. As far as top 40, Amy Winehouse. Duffy. I like all kinds of music. Loretta Lynn, June Carter, Johnny Cash. Etta James and Billie Holiday, they’re my girls.

Me: Did you enjoy any special treatment at [Mount Carmel Academy] high school?

Shaw (humorously pout-y): No. I still had to wear the brown skirt. It’s an all-girls Catholic school with uniforms and everything. No makeup. Name tag. No special prices for me or anything at the cafeteria (laughs).

Me: You called yourself a "ditz" in our email exchange. Could you give me an example? Are you really a ditz?

Shaw (giggling): I am. I’m a little ditz-y. I'm always tripping over myself, even though I’m only five foot nothing (laughs). It's not I have long legs. It's embarrassing. And like we've had the same dog for seven years and my mom says to me she's taking the dog on a walk.  And I said, "What dog?" I'm always saying goofy stuff.

Photo of Amanda Shaw performing at WMNF's Tropical Heatwave in May by Wade Tatangelo.

Here are quotes that I couldn't fit into my new music feature, "Amanda Shaw, Pretty girl: But she's selling her music, not her looks." Click the link for the story, info on the 18-year-old, New Orleans-based, Cajun-pop luminary's Friday (Aug. 8) gig at Skipper's Smokehouse and to hear samples from Shaw's latest album, Pretty Runs Out (Rounder).

Me: How's it going today? Are you at home in New Orleans?

Shaw: Yep, I’m at home, getting ready for the trip. I'm so excited to come back to Florida.

Me: So, what's a typcial day off at home like?

Shaw: I love music so much I'm always listening at the house or making plans to go and hear band. If I hang out at house I listen, sit around and watch movies and read books.

Me: What have you been watching lately?

I love Walk the Line. The first two seasons of The Office, Seinfeld and I Love Lucy. My mom teases me that I am Lucy because I'm always doing goofy things like her.

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