’American Idols’ butcher Beatles: Is nothing sacred?

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The Beatles' songs have been used to peddle everything from sneakers to big box stores over the years but nothing offends me more — at least for the moment — than their music being co-opted by American Idol. I've always loathed the show for flying in the face of everything spontaneous and edgy about rock ’n’ roll. Learning that the contestants covered Beatles songs last night makes me want to start picketing outside the program's studio.

Contestant David Archuleta (pictured) committed a grave sin by attempting to cover "We Can Work It Out," one of my favorite Fab Four originals, before actually learning the song. Entertainment Weekly reports:

[Archuleta] promptly missed the song's opening note. (Strike one!) And then botched the second line of the first verse. (Strike two!) And then, a few seconds later, blanked on a few more words. (Strike three!) But wait, we've got one more fumbled line. (Uh, strike four?) And a wrecked attempt at falsetto! As Simon so succinctly put it, the performance was ''a mess.''

This guy should be struck down by the rock 'n' roll gods and have his vocal cords ripped from his throat. There's just no excuse for such ineptitude, I don't care how young he might be. And while I'm on a rant here, when are people going to stop watching this pitiful show that's only succeeding in making that slimy prick Simon a rich man? OK, it did launch Kelly Clarkson's career, and I dig her, but that was years ago. Do we really need another Daughtry to emerge — or this ass-wipe Archuleta to land a recording contract — before American Idol gets taken off the air?

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