Antiwarpt Festival 2011

Warped Tour doppelganger Antiwarpt takes over downtown St. Petersburg.

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Spotlight On: Alias Punch

Quentin Tarantino would probably like Orlando's Alias Punch. Their sound, an ample helping of fuzzed-out guitar tones wrapped in the cheeky badassery of a 1970's-era B-movie, seems right at home in the background of some afroed-out she-ninja fight scene, western church massacre, or whatever other imagery would surely get Tarantino's directorial rocks off.

Snakeskin, their latest EP and single, is not a far cry from that sentiment either. Produced for (or as?) the score of a locally-produced horror flick of the same name, the title track is a 10-minute epic venturing from dark and brooding to frenetic and weird. At times, it hinges on the verge of complete deconstruction — random swells and roars pushing needles into the red with no discernable backing rhythm — before suddenly roping you right back in with reverb-soaked passages just born for the background of some moustache-heavy car chase scene awash in a haze of warm film grain.

They capture and meld the sounds of bygone eras, times when your parents will deftly recall, "shit got weird" and, for that, we thank them. (10:20-11 p.m., 658 Central Ave.)

Also at Fubar: Ink and Sweat (3:20-3:50 p.m.), The Broken Inn (4:10-4:40 p.m.), Y Los Dos Pistoles (5-5:30 p.m.), Signals From Satellites (5:40-6:10 p.m.), Florida Night Heat (6:20-7 p.m.), Jane Jane Pollock (7:20-8 p.m.), The Pauses (8:20-9 p.m.), Lauris Vidal (9:20-10 p.m.), Car Bomb Driver (11:20-midnight), Guiltmaker (12:20-1 a.m.), The Tim Version (1:20-2 a.m.) —Andrew Silverstein


Spotlight on: Feral Babies

The five songs on Feral Babies' demo tape are deceptively melodic, yet maintain the intensity of legendary acts like MC5, Black Flag, and Germs. The tape clocks in at less than six minutes total, but its punchy nature is in complete contrast to the time the four-piece outfit have put into the Tampa hardcore scene.

Made up of members of seminal Tampa punk bands INJ/SYS, New Bruises and Arm the Poor, the Babies — Andy Stern, Justin Arnold, Sulynn Hago, and Marc Cody — collectively boast close to 100 years on the scene. Stern, 37, credits the dedication and passion of the community with keeping it all together over the past 20 years. "I got here in the early '90s," he told CL. "I love that I can go out to shows at venues like Transitions and the Hold Tight House and see the same faces."

They've nearly sold out of cassettes, recently recorded a 7", and have a nine-song album set for release on Rigid Records in a few months. Beg them for a limited edition Feral Babies cookie when you catch them at the Emerald. (7:35-8:05 p.m., 550 Central Ave.)

Also at the Emerald: Kevin K (5-5:30 p.m.), Man Made (6:05-6:35), FATAL (6:50-7:20 p.m.), Doll Parts (8:20-8:50 p.m.), Brahm Bones (9:10-9:50 p.m.), Poetry n' Lotion (10-10:40 p.m.), Eyes Lips Eyes (11-11:40 p.m.), Le BLORR (midnight-12:40 a.m.), Sons of Hippies (1-2 a.m.). —Ray Roa


Spotlight On: Gentlemen Please

Work and family obligations often keep the boys of Gentlemen Please from getting together to record new material, but frontman Alastair St. Hill knows he can't have it any other way. A true cultivator of the Bay area's music culture, St. Hill, 32, is a member of Palantine side project, Mother Winslow, and the host of Grand National Championships on WMNF.

Despite a hectic schedule, St. Hill and his bandmates — John Thacker, John Niles and Kyle Krukar — make the most of their situations and send ideas back and forth before working them out in practice. They hope to have a new EP recorded by the end of the summer, but their latest effort — last year's Nothing Touching EP — is more than enough to get by on. Despite being just eight minutes long, the three-track collection delivers extremely catchy prog-pop that is all available for free on Gentlemen Please's Bandcamp page. (11:35 p.m.-12:05 a.m., 681 Central Ave.)

Also performing at Star Booty: J. Thelonious (6:40-7:10), Noctambulo (7:30-8 p.m.), Young Egypt (8:15-8:45 p.m.), Fever (9-9:30 p.m.) CosmicGospelHour (9:50-10:25 p.m.), Kaleigh Baker (10:45-11:25 p.m.). —Ray Roa

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