Antonio’s top 10 ice-breakers for women to use on men

10. "I love your shirt." As dumb as it sounds, guys like compliments too.  It makes me feel great and a lot more confident!

9. "Is that your car. I'm a car nut."  It doesn't have to be a guy's car you compliment. It could be his shoes, or jewelery--whatever he takes pride in. I take pride in my car and if a girl likes it, I'm apt to blab about it...whether the conversation is really about how much money I make or not.

8. "Hey, I remember you." True or not, this always sparks up a conversation as you try to pin down just how you two may know each other.

9. "What kind of beer are you drinking?"  I love good beer and it's always nice when a woman notices I'm not drinking Shit Light.

6. "I love that song!" This is a great line for karaoke night or if the guy is standing by the jukebox making selections.

5. "Will you sing a duet with me?"  Another great Karaoke line....nothing bonds two people faster than the adrenaline rush that comes after embarrassing yourself on stage singing a Journey song.

4. "Lets dance." Most guys won't dance on their own, but if he likes you he will, and if he's a really terrible dancer he'll at least start talking.

3. "I need a partner for (blank)." Darts?  Pool?  Beer Pong?  Whatever it is, it's always fun to be a team member w/ the opposite sex.

2. "I'd like to buy you a beer." No explanation needed

1. "Hi." It's simple.  Guys love it when a girl comes up to him first.

And, that's it.  Not very funny, but a few sober nights out got me thinking about how important it is!   Even being married I still love it when a good looking girl strikes up a conversation just for the hell of it!

The dating scene has changed since our parents were trolling the bars. It's 2009 and finally women are taking the initiative, approaching guys with pick-up lines.  Sure, there's the cheesy ones that make us cringe...but when delivered well, still work. But I'm not talking about those gimmicky lines.  I'm talking about the memorable lines that struck up a good conversation, and often led to some bedroom escapades.  Don't get me wrong...these are VERY simple, but they work, probably because they are so sincere.

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