Archeologists unearth the first gay caveman

lying on their right sides with their heads pointing west while women were buried on their left sides with their heads pointing east. Various tools like hammers and knives as well as a few servings of food and drink were placed in the graves to accompany the dead on their voyage to the other side. Women were buried with tooth necklaces, pets, copper earrings, jugs, and an egg-shaped pot placed near their feet.

The caveman in question was found on his left side with his head facing west. Instead of being buried with tools, the feminine egg shaped container was placed near his feat.

It should come as no surprise that cavemen had sexual tendencies similar to modern humans. A year ago scientists discovered a stone dildo that dated back 30,000 years.

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The bones of a man who lived between 2,900-2,500 BC were discovered in modern day Prague, buried in a position and with ceremonial possessions normally reserved for women. Archeologists believe this was no mistake, but evidence of the first documented gay or transgendered caveman.

The man belonged to what has been dubbed the Corded Ware culture, which lived during the late Stone and early Copper Age. Researchers maintain that this culture, which was known for the impressions of decorative chords left on their pottery, were very specific when it came to funeral rites.

Men were buried

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