Are you having an affair and don't know it?

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I have chatted with one particular man online now for several years.  I have no plans of running away with him, and the likelihood of ever meeting in person is slim at best. Is this an emotional affair? Maybe, but does it hurt anyone--not really.

A fellow contributor recently wrote about infidelity and the fact that no matter who you are, "cheating" isn't as uncommon as some think. What exactly is infidelity, monogamy, or marital bliss? Does anyone really experience these completely?

At times I need to feel the touch of another person who isn't my husband.  I like the thrill of someone new. I'm excited by the thought of anticipated sex and the desire it stirs in me.  This is part of the relationship I chose to have with my spouse and it works for us. We talk openly about our desires in regards to others both in and out of bed. We have physical and emotional relationships with others, but we always come home to each other.  That's why we work.  We aren't trying to sneak around on each other and we don't fall in love with outsiders. What we do, we do in front of each other. Does this mean I'm having an affair?  Maybe my whole life is a type of affair, but then so might yours. At least I'm honest about mine.

Swingers are often stereotyped as having lascivious affairs, but depending on what you consider cheating, almost everyone is having some type of affair.

For me, an affair isn't necessarily a physical relationship; it can be an emotional connection as well.  Depending on who you are, either connection can constitute an affair.

By this definition I have both emotional and physical affairs.  I'm not in love with these people; some are friends that I share a side of myself with that I don't share with everyone. Others I just have sex with and don't care if I ever see again.

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