Artest Strikes Again

Ok, so I've been following the latest Ron Artest saga pretty closely because he's on my fantasy basketball team (it's my first season and yes, fanstasy sports is more addictive than crack). 56543101_99739d64ec_m

For those of you who don't know, Artest was the Indiana Pacer who last year went into the stands and clocked a fan in the face after getting a beer thrown on him (it was the wrong fan, by the way). He was suspended for the rest of the season. He also happens to be a terrible R&B artist, and last month, he shaved the name of his record label — True Warrior — into his hair. Then last week, after the Pacers had stuck by him for over a year following his suspension, Artest told a reporter he wanted to be traded.
Two days ago, he said he changed his mind.
Admittedly, the guy is bonkers (that was my strategy on draft night, all headcases). But yesterday, he topped himself. After Magic Johnson, a diety in the world of the NBA, said Artest didn't deserve another chance, our boy went after the idol on the radio:

“It’s like saying, ‘Magic, should your wife give you another chance? He’s saying Ron Artest should have no more second chances. What’s worse — me saying I want to be traded or you cheating on your wife?”

Not only did he zing a Laker who pubicly admitted to cheating his wife (not Kobe Bryant, the other one), but he did so in the third person.
Ron Artest, I think I love you.

via the wonderful Deadspin.

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