As dense as a glasscock

As much as I enjoy the glasscock, I crave a man's touch. The scent, the body heat, the pressure, the way my skin gets hot just from his touch, the way I get wet and hot when I'm kissed deeply. All these things are really important to me, not just in a relationship but when I'm having sex. I like to pick sexual partners with appetites that are going to leave me swollen and exhausted and them icing their balls down. I really don't think this is too much to ask for when it comes to sex. Just sex, that's all I'm interested in and I'm not afraid to tell a man that's what I want and that's what I'm doing, but fella's what the fuck is going on in some of your heads?

I went from having lots of sex with someone I didn't like very much to a man who wants to fuck me but is scared to be sexual. It is very confusing and frustrating to me and each of our encounters is leaving me hornier and hornier because my partner isn't being sexually aggressive enough. I've told him many times in

explicit detail what I like in bed. For all the good it did, I might as well have been advising my glasscock. He either didn't listen to a fucking word I said or was so excited to get some he forgot it all.

You maybe wondering how I could have been discussing sex with this man while dating someone else. I really like to flirt and I don't think talking sex is cheating. It's always good to have at least one male friends who wants to fuck you. It helps keep your boyfriend on his toes and it's always a great ego boost on those really rough days.

Having flirting with "Rod" so much, I was actually interested to see it through. I was really looking forward to hooking up with him. We ended up going out a few nights ago and had a great time. The chemistry is there, he's smart, funny, intelligent, has a great job. We've flirted and built up our attraction to the point where I can't take it anymore. I have to have him so I become the sexual aggressor and go down on him.

All men want blow jobs. Don't let them fool you ladies. Every sex call I've ever taken as a phone sex operator had a man wanting his dick sucked. Fine, no problem. I love the feel of a tongue swirling around my clit, so I'll give knowing that I've fully made my partner aware he'll be doing the same. Rod was aware of what was expected of him, so shame on me for being a little pissed off that he said and I quote " I have to work up to that!" Excuse me? You have to work up to that? Are you sitting on the floor? Did you put the pussy on a pedestal and your afraid to touch it? What the fuck are you thinking telling your sexual partner who you have told how you love to eat pussy, that you have to work up to it? That's false advertising? Can I get my time and excitement back please?

I have no problem with someone not being into everything I'm into, but please don't lie to me and tell me you are. That's the fastest way to guarantee that nothing will ever happen between us again. It's kind of disappointing. I wanted Rod to be my new bedroom playmate but that position is still empty. Rod turned in his application and I gave him an interview but he didn't get the job. NEXT Please..

I've been single now for six weeks and I need sex. I'm used to getting sex everyday, sometimes twice a day. Hey, my ex may have been a big asshole, but he was hot and great in the sack or where ever the urge struck us. Now that he's gone, I've had to break out the glasscock a lot more than normal.

For anyone who has never tired a Glass Blown Dildo, I highly recommend it. The beauty of the glasscock is that it's always hard, you can heat it up by boiling it or cool it down by putting it into the freezer. Cleaning it is a breeze, stick it in your dishwasher or wash it by hand. It's by far the safest material to use for sex play since you can wash the funk off and it's safe to use for the next time or person, whatever you're into.

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