As oil spill continues to flow, new poll shows public blames BP, but Obama administration reaction also looked at critically

In that respect, he's following Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, who called on the administration yesterday to take over the clean-up efforts. But  Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, who is in charge of the federal government on the ground in this crises, says it doesn't make sense for the U.S. govt. to take over.

He said the government doesn't have more technology or expertise than the oil giant to deal with the leaking well, anyway.

"To push BP out of the way, it would raise a question: Replace them with what?" said Mr. Allen, who's leading the federal disaster teams in the Gulf. He said he had consulted with leaders of rival oil companies, who told him that BP appears to be doing what they would do.

The New York Times, quoting from others, also reports that it doesn't appear that if the feds took over, they'd have a better clue on stopping the leak:

Oil industry experts said they did not take seriously the sporadic threats by the administration that the federal government might have to wrest management of the effort to plug the well from BP. The experts said that the Interior and Energy Departments do not have engineers with more experience in deepwater drilling than those who work for BP and the array of companies that have been brought into the effort to stem the leak.

And all eyes remain fixed on tomorrow's "Top-kill", which BP CEO Tony Hayward admits has only a 60-70% will actually work.

The Pew Research Center for People & The Press has a big new poll out on a number of issues regarding the body politic.  Towards the end it asks Americans about the oil gusher in the Gulf.  44% say BP has done a poor job in handling the crises, with 26% rating it only as fair and 19% call it excellent.   Pew says it's fairly nonpartisan in terms of that reaction.

But with everything involving the President, the partisan divide comes into play when, in this case it's evaluating the federal government's response.  Overall, 31% says the feds have been excellent, 31% say just fair, and 26% say poor.

But when it comes to the commentariat in this country, the liberals are perhaps louder in the growing frustration that nothing seems to be able to be done to stop the leak from producing what some scientists fear could be as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day.

New York Times columnist Bob Herbert says it's time for Obama to take action, and uses the "d" word that only Dick Cheney previously has used about this administration - "dither."  Read below:

President Obama should have taken charge of the response to the oil spill — which he called a “potentially unprecedented” environmental calamity — from jump street. He should have called in the very best minds and operatives from the corporate and scientific worlds and imposed an emergency plan of action — to be carried out by BP and all others who might be required. Instead, after all this time, after more than a month of BP’s demonstrated incompetence, the administration continues to dither.

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