Autopsy IV's Tropical Heatwave Report

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Thomas Wynn & The Believers are a band I’ve been wanting to see. I like their CD well enough, but when push comes to shove I feel it’s sound is a tad too glossy for my liking. Live performance has a way of removing the studio sheen and I wanted to see what these guys were like live. As the music started to unwind I started to notice more and more people filing in. The more and more folks started turning into more and more wet folks.

Yup, the Florida drought decided this would be the week it should end and since Thomas and Co. were playing in the only covered stage they were the beneficiaries. The added crowded really seemed to energize the band and they transformed from a poor man’s Mofro to an exceptionally energetic outfit mixing blues, gospel and rock. While I don’t think I’d ever make the trip just too see them play a show, I wouldn’t be bummed to see them listed as the opener for a show I wanted to see.

So here I sit. It’s the dead time between Thomas and Eilen Jewell. There are so many people in the Cantina I can’t get a signal on my cell for tweets and I feel the whole CL coverage plan has gone to shit. On top of that, I am so hungry I could steal a child's hot dog and still go to church in the morning. So, I’m gonna go get another double, take my perch up front for Eilen and hope the rains are gone  after her set.

@autopsy4: Missed CL meeting because of rain.

@autopsy4: I'm so hungry I'd eat Nancy Pelosi's pussy right now.

Okay. Eilen Jewell just got off the stage and I am all aflutter. She was everything I had hoped she would be on stage. Fun, flirty and vocally perfect. If anyone had any reservations about her revised sound they’ll let go of them the moment they see her live. She’s a modern Nancy Sinatra I tell you.

@autopsy4: Eilen Jewell reminding me of why I love music right now

@autopsy4: U can't help but to be happy watching eilen jewell

@autopsy4: I know eilen's music is sexy but there is never a good reason to see old people groping. EVER!

@autopsy4: Watching two seniors go skating rink but I am still hungry. This shit is serious.

I am gonna use the down time between Eileen Jewell & The Pack A.D. to get some food on top of this whiskey and wander around for some quality people observing.

@autopsy4: U know you're hungry when a hot dog sounds like a phenomenal idea

@autopsy4: Tropical Heatwave. Where drunk hippies and drunk college kids collide.

@autopsy4: There are some epically drunk old people here.

@autopsy4: Just bought a "nothing fails like prayer" sticker for the laptop. Hooray Atheists of Florida!

@autopsy4: I am still all a flutter from Eilen Jewell.

Okay, the Pack A.D. just finished playing and I’d imagine that more than one of the little girls at the front of the stage will be buying themselves guitars. My favorite thing about The Pack A.D. is that they rock w/o any gimmicks whatsoever. They get up there, drop the rock on your face and then walk off.

This was my third time seeing the band but my first time noticing just how animated Maya is and just how much on stage interplay there is between her and Becky. The Pack A.D. are for real and between them and Eileen Jewell the 35 dollar ticket price was well justified.

@autopsy4: The Pack A.D. making a whole herd of bay area girls wanna grab guitars and rock

@autopsy4: Holy Shit! The Pack A.D. Is killing it. Get your ass to the cantina NOW

This spelled the end of my evening. I would have loved to stay and see more music  but I had reached the end of my ability to stand. The Chinese say you die from your feet up and if they’re right, I have begun the process .

The Morning After:

Tropical Heatwave, in a word: interesting. It's like 88.5's essence made reality. There are old people, children, drunks, stoners and stick in the muds. Everywhere you walked you we being serenaded by different sounds and, sometimes unfortunately, sights. My only real complaint would be that with the timing of the stages you end up missing a lot of the music.

It's also a real shame that the weather decided this would be the perfect night to try and end our 3 year drought.

@autopsy4: Made it to Ybor. Have I mentioned how much I hate driving to Tampa?

I arrived to Ybor late and famished due to the traffic jam the rest of the world refers to as Tampa. After getting my access secured and a whiskey inside of me I started to settle down and headed to the Cantina for some of the Southern rock sounds of Mojo Gurus. I only managed to catch their last 3 songs but that was all I needed. The blistering rock mixed with the whiskey were getting me where I need it to be and all I needed at this point was a hot dog and I was gonna be fixed.

@autopsy4: Mojo Gurus crushed. Thomas Wynn next.

On my way out of the Cantina I bumped into some old friends and decided a double whiskey and catching up was gonna have to suffice as food. While the double put a beating on my wallet, it was exactly what the head was wanting and I was exactly where I needed to be as Thomas Wynn & The Believers took the stage.

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