Ava Lussuria. It's a business doing pleasure with you

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Either you love the local adult scene or you hate us. Bachelor parties flock to local strip clubs, looking for a last hoorah for their poor buddy who is seemingly losing his freedom. Politicians want to label us immoral and shut us down. Women come to this business looking to fill a void--or their bank account. Men come for, well, you all know what they come for, or do you?

That's where I come in. Everyone thinks they know what it's like to be "one of us," or why we do what we do. Not all of us have been sexually abused or have drug habits. I grew up in a fabulous family and had the privilege of attending private school. I was never raped, I don't have a drug habit, and I don't even drink alcohol. Go figure.

With every night offering a new adventure, I have plenty to write about. But, if you've always wanted to ask a dancer a question free from the suspicion that she's just saying what you want to hear, email me and suggest future topics. I'll keep writing as long as you keep reading.

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As always,

It's a business doing pleasure with you,


Greetings readers, this is Ava Lussuria coming to you from deep within the trenches of Tampa's adult industry. I've been a dancer here for about 15 years and I've seen more than my share of crazy shit. The people at CL seem to think this industry is worth writing about, and they've assigned me the task of delivering an insider's perspective. So, I'm here to enlighten you on what it's really like to work in the business—the good times and the bad, from what it's like being a stripper to a porn star, and everything in between.

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