Bad news for Dems: As more jobs have been created by the stimulus plan (accd. to CBO), more Americans don't think it was worth it

That poll's release comes almost concurrently with updated figures from the Congressional Budget Office, which now says that the stimulus has created up to 2.8 million jobs.

Nevertheless, this is a problem for Democrats as they go back home to campaign.  The money from the stimulus will be drying up in the second half of this year, and there won't be as many sunny photo ops for lawmakers to parade in front health clinics and schools and other places where the stimulus has gone to.  That doesn't mean that they can't extoll the virtues of the plan, just that it will make it harder for them, with a solid majority of them not convinced that the original $787 billion bill was ever going to amount to any good.

With financial reform to be negotiated in the next couple of weeks, Congressional Democrats may have three measures that they can talk about achieving on the campaign trail this summer and fall. In addition to looking like they've done something to combat Wall Street excess, the two signature achievements the Obama Democrats have passed is health care reform and the now $862 stimulus bill.

On health care, CBS News is reporting that support for the landmark legislation is up 11%, and now 43% of Americans say they support that bill.  However, though it's closer, a majority, or 47%, still do not like the bill.

Regarding the stimulus bill passed over a year, the consensus has stuck for awhile, and now 62% do not think it has worked, according to the Pew Research Center for the People & The Press.

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