Beautiful Plumage, Innit?

A PETA Thanksgiving

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This just in: Moby loves turkey! Hey don't we all? But instead of crisp skin and moist breast meat, Moby prefers them in their natural, un-roasted state. Last year, Moby teamed up with PETA to celebrate the beautiful bird in a recorded Thanksgiving message targeted at Butterball's yearly hotline.

Instead of tips for proper stuffing and correct temperatures, Moby's PETA message recommended calling Butterball's hotline and explaining why there is "no proper way to kill and cook these beautiful birds." According to PETA, more than 40 million turkeys are raised on factory farms especially for the holiday season.

It was engaging and to the point, less confrontational than most PETA marketing and a far cry from the gravelly and gasping Joan Jett or the creepy, Stepford-accented Alexis Stewart (Martha's daughter) messages of years past.

This year, PETA will continue the tradition and have another celebrity vegetarian declaiming the horrors of industrial poultry at 1-888-Veg-Food. Before you tuck your turkey into the oven this Thursday, give the number a ring for some perspective on your Thanksgiving meal. It likely won't change your mind, but at the very least it might make you more thankful for the bird that gave its life for your tasty dinner.

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