Beautiful vibrators: Motorized mascaras

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Both mascaras created similar definition, curl, and color depth-but I prefer Lancome's version because the vibration is a bit more subtle and I could skip this feature when doing my bottom lashes.

Wanna know how to get full lashes for $5? Have some Maven Munch!

MAVEN MUNCH! Have some…

Using a super soft, jet black kohl eyeliner, gently line the base of your top lashes on the inner rim waterline. Your top lashes will look  Ruby Gettinger fat with no gyration necessary!

Insider's Pick: Prestige Cosmetics Soft Blend Kohl Eyeliner in Jet Black $5.

The season's newest vibrators are available in Tampa Bay department stores.

New, motorized mascaras claim to vibrate at upwards of 7000 oscillations per minute to create hyper-extended, multiplied lash looks. And for $34 and a trip to a department store, your puny human hands can vibrate involuntarily too.

The season's hottest vibrators

It would take more than a battery-powered shimmy to shake my hands out of 34 wild ones, so I took a trip to Estee Lauder and Lancome to try out their testers with motorized, disposable brushes. Estee Lauder’s TurboLash and Lancome's Oscillation both taut battery-powered wands with the most noticeable difference being how the vibration is activated.

Lauder's mascara hums as soon as the mascara wand is pulled from the product. The vibration halts when the wand is replaced. Lancome's wand includes a button that you can push to activate the vibration, or you can simply use it without.

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