Beer Blurbs: Quotations on fermentation

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People have been documenting their thoughts on beer since the development of written language. In my quest to gain higher levels of brew appreciation, I’ve undertaken extensive data digging, which has yielded many timelessly relevant snippets of beer wisdom. So break out your email options and get ready to snazzy up your signature line.

Behold — a collection of my favorite beer related quotes:

I will make it felony to drink small beer
William Shakespeare, King Henry VI

Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy
Benjamin Franklin

Give me a woman who truly loves beer, and I will conquer the world
Kaiser Wilhelm (1859-1941)

Beer that is not drunk has missed its vocation
Meyer Breslau, 1880

Of beer an enthusiast has said that it can never be bad, but that some brands are better than others
AA Milne (1882-1956)

Life, alas, is very drear. Up with the glass! Down with the beer!
Louis Untermeyer (1885-1977)

Fermentation and civilization are inseparable
John Ciardi (1916-1986)

There is no beverage which I have liked to live with more than beer
George Saintsbury, 1920

Beer is an improvement on water itself
Grant Johnston

People who drink light beer don’t like the taste of beer; they just like to pee a lot
Capital Brewery

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