The Nuevos

Right off the bat, we'd like to go ahead and say the following: Yes, the influence of Weezer is discernible in this Sarasota-by-way-of-New York State quartet's terse, taut and unbelievably catchy tuneage. Apologies to everyone who would rather gouge out their own eyes with the twisted end of a coathanger than hear another clever, heavy pop song. But The Nuevos are miles more than just another loud-guitar outfit in search of the ultimate sweater song; they ply ambitious, jagged bits of power-pop mastery much more informed by The Pixies' acerbic irreverence and Nirvana's mastery of the brick of whine/wall of sound dynamic than by Rivers Cuomo's quickly fading sense of hook. This band actually reminds us quite a bit of another great South-of-the-Skyway band, The Doses, who displayed a similar amalgam of love for pop and up-front disdain for most pop listeners. Such a thing takes balls, and making it look easy while doing it better than just about any national act we can think of takes talent. These kids have it. Go buy their stuff. Go see their shows. Go make them your influence.

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