Between the sheets: top 10 most provocative books out this month

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Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy & Heighten Pleasure (12/8/2012)
by Mark A. Michaels

Publisher's Description: Take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary with this fun and easy-to-use beginner’s guide to authentic Tantra. Explore new and surprising sources of sensual delight with fifty-four Tantric techniques for enhancing intimacy and deepening pleasure. Proving that Tantric lovemaking doesn’t have to take hours, Tantra experts Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson present straightforward, simple practices that anyone can do.

Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together (12/1/2012)
by Tammy Nelson

Publisher's Description: Communication problems can erode a relationship in and out of the bedroom. This guide takes a proven communication method, which has been used to counsel millions of couples, and applies it to sex for the very first time. The Imago Relationship Therapy, which was pioneered by Harville Hendrix in the national bestseller and self-help classic Getting the Love You Want, shows readers how to understand and build trust with their partners through a unique form of dialogue.

The Book of Love (12/17/2012)
by Laura Berman

Publisher's Description: Combining sensual new positions and techniques with reassuring advice on how to strengthen your emotional bond The Book of Love is the ultimate sex and relationship resource for couples. Find the best ways to communicate and listen; learn how to express your needs clearly; create romance and embrace a more fulfilling sex life-and become a satisfied, intimate, and connected couple.

365 Sex Moves: Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day (12/1/2012)
by Randi Foxx

Publisher's Description: 365 Sex Moves offers couples hot and exciting positions for every day of the year. Filled with stunning photography and short technique descriptions that get right to the point, this book allows you to simply pick-up-and-play and do the position shown. Whether you’re interested in trying something just a little different or are ready for an advanced acrobatic position, 365 Sex Moves has it all.

Chemistry of Love and Sex (12/18/2012)
by Madalena M. M. Pinto

Publisher's Description: Chemistry of Love and Sex is a chemist's guide to the chemical phenomena and molecules associated with endogenous hormonal mechanisms and brain neurotransmission - the basis of many emotions associated with love, passion, and sex. Chemistry of Love and Sex demonstrates how these substances interact and "play" with each other in the different phases of human relationships. External factors which may influence love and sex, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food are also considered.

How to Think More About Sex (12/24/2012)
by Alain de Botton

Publisher's Description: We don’t think too much about sex; we’re merely thinking about it in the wrong way. So asserts Alain de Botton in this rigorous and supremely honest book designed to help us navigate the intimate and exciting — yet often confusing and difficult — experience that is sex. This book argues that twenty-first-century sex is ultimately fated to be a balancing act between love and desire, and adventure and commitment. Covering topics that include lust, fetishism, adultery, and pornography, Alain de Botton frankly articulates the dilemmas of modern sexuality, offering insights and consolation to help us think more deeply and wisely about the sex we are, or aren’t, having.

Sex Again: Recharging Your Libido (12/25/2012)
by Jill Blakeway

Publisher's Description: Combining Eastern wisdom and techniques with a Western medical perspective, Jill Blakeway shows women how to revive their libidos and rekindle their sex lives. Assessments and quizzes help the reader place herself and her partner on the scale of yin and yang. Jill then shows how to keep these opposites—passive/active, accepting/initiating, cool/hot—in correct balance. Specific meditations and breathing techniques help unblock qi (pronounced chee), the essential energy that flows through the body. There are chapters on specific elements of love-making: massage, kissing, positions, orgasms—having them, holding them, making them last.

Men Beyond Desire: Manhood, Sex, and Violation in American Literature (12/24/2012)
by David Greven

Publisher's Description: A sweeping reassessment of American masculinity in the antebellum period. Greven's figure of the "inviolate male" of the period's literature - sexually and emotionally unavailable to women or other men - was a complex response to the competing, often incoherent pressures on men in the era. Lesbian desire, argues Greven, emerged through similar patterns of sexual inviolability. Carefully re-examining such important works as Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow," Cooper's Leatherstocking novels, Poe's tales, Hawthorne's novels, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and later works such as Macaria, The Grandissimes, Native Son, and Melville's Billy Budd, Sailor, this spirited study offers a penetrating account of male sexuality as the chief cultural and social battleground for a volatile and uneasy nation.

Wanting Sex Again: How to Rediscover Your Desire and Heal a Sexless Marriage (12/4/2012)
by Laurie Watson

Publisher's Description: Forty million American women are frustrated by their lack of sexual passion. They know something’s missing—and their husbands know it, too—but the emotional, physical, and mental obstacles to healthy desire can be a knot that seems too tangled to unravel. Drawing on twenty years of clinical experience, Laurie Watson shows that it really is possible to restore the thrill of sex, using proven psychological methods and personal accounts from actual therapy sessions.

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The Men on My Couch: True Stories of Sex, Love and Psychotherapy (12/31/2012)
by Brandy Engler

Publisher's Description: When Dr. Brandy Engler opened her sex therapy practice for women in Manhattan, she got a big surprise. Most of the calls were from men. They wanted to talk about womanizing, porn addiction, impotence, prostitutes—and most of all, love. At first her patients’ revelations are painful and disconcerting, especially against the backdrop of her own difficult love affair. Yet Dr. Engler lets readers experience how she evolves both professionally and personally, from chagrin to compassion, and reconciles her idealized notions of love and sex with the unexpected and raw truths she hears in the office.

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