Bill Clinton goes solo in new Obama For America ad

Two weeks from tonight former President Bill Clinton will no doubt give a stemwinder of a speech as he introduces Barack Obama to an adoring football stadium-sized crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina to climax the Democratic National Convention.

The last Democratic president has just cut an ad for the current one that is now airing in Florida and seven other swing-states. Watch below:

In the years since they impeached him and tried to throw him out of office, President Clinton has suddenly become the Republican Party's favorite Democrat. Well, he and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Seriously. Mitt Romney recently praised Clinton, and you hear all types of conservatives acknowledging their appreciation for the Big Dog, especially since Barack Obama became president. Something about how Clinton knew the economy better, how he wasn't a Socialist, etc.

But those same Republicans don't like it when their favorite Democrat actually criticizes their policies, or say that Obama is a better choice this fall for America than Mitt Romney. So the love only goes so far.

And really, how sincere can they be, since some of these same voices praising Clinton are the ones accusing him of murder and rape?

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