BMW unveils new retro-inspired electric scooters

Now you can look hip and be eco-conscious while getting around town. BMW unveiled the new Mini Scooter E line in London today, which “meets the needs of the young urban generation” because “it’s spontaneous, flexible and CO2-free.”

The retro-looking, plug-in scooters come with a lithium ion-power source and were inspired by classic Vespas and the Mini Cooper. They currently come in three designs: a two-seater in matte charcoal and yellow (resembling the Mini-E electric prototype); a single-seater with, as Mini says, “purist” design that “nods to the British heritage of the brand"; and the '60s inspired "Mod" model.

Inhabitat writes:

"Not just an attractive ride, the scooter has a handful of impressive add-ons, including a smart phone docking station that unlocks the vehicle, GPS software that scans for nearby Mini Scooter E’s, and a helmet with an integrated microphone and headphone set that allows riders to listen to music or use their phones while driving. The scooter’s GPS system even triggers the vehicle to flash its headlights when passing another Mini Scooter E on the road."

No word yet on how much one of these little beauties will cost, but they're estimated to go for over $6,000 — a good bit pricier than regular, gasoline-powered scooters. Oh well, you'll be saving money on not having to buy gas, right?

Information via: Inhabitat and Wired. Photo via Wired.

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