Body enhancing undergarments: hot or not?

Victoria's Secret introduced the water bra.  Since then the push up, uber padded demi bra, is commonly worn to enhance bust lines across the world.  Saggy breasts?  Tiny titties? These can be remedied with an over-priced, over-padded bra that tricks men and women alike into believing you have luscious, perky, full breasts.  The problem with these stuffed bras is that if you get naked with your object of desire, your deception will be found out. Your breasts are false.  You've been impersonating a woman with large breasts.

Most men I spoke with regarding the padded push up bra seemed to think false advertising is just wrong.  One fan said "a woman should show off the figure she has  - no need to stuff her bra to look a little hotter if it isn't how she really looks - a sexy woman is a sexy woman, regardless of breast size. I hope those padded bras go away like the padded shoulder pads of the 80's did."

[image-1]As I recently learned listening to Tampa's 97x morning show, now there's a new undergarment to reshape the body---The Booty Pop.  For those women with that pencil-like figure, padded undies giving the illusion of a juicy butt may seem like the perfect alternative.

However, most men aren't as excited about the new garment as women are.  One fan had this to say: "The beauty and utility of a great ass is that it cannot be replicated by augmentation! Either you have it or you do not! I like boobs but I love ass for that very reason. Creating an illusion of cleavage is not that bad... but padding the ass is just wrong... criminal in fact!

At the end of the night both your push up bra and Booty Pop will be laying on the bedroom floor so you better learn to be comfortable with your naked self, that or find a lover who is okay with you wearing your underwear in bed.

If wearing these undergarments increases your confidence and makes you feel sexy, then by all means wear them every day.  But if you are only attempting to make someone else like you, you'll end up disappointing them and yourself.

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Who doesn't love a nice rack?  Combine that with a sexy bubble butt and you have an hour glass figure that won't stop.  Unfortunately not every woman is blessed with naturally large breasts or a firm round ass that men drool over.

Some women aren't able to afford painful surgeries to enhance their bodies or simply don't want to permanently alter themselves for the sake of attraction.  So what is a girl to do?

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