Body modification can improve sex

[image-1]Many women, including myself, have breast enhancements. Most people I've spoke to on the subject, both swingers and non-swingers, appreciate this type of change. However, more women disapproved of implants than men. Implants vary in size, shape, and firmness. Some are hard and bubbly; others look more natural while still maintaining softness. I've had my implants for about three years. My breasts look natural (in my opinion) and fit my curvy shape. They make me feel sexy and are fun to play with by both myself and others.

Body piercing is done for many reasons. I personally have had my ears, cartilage, nose, navel, nipples, and vaginal hood pierced. Some of the piercings i got because I liked the look and others were to enhance pleasure. Most of my friends like body piercing; some find it attractive while some even think it enhances sex. The most popular piercings related to sex are the tongue, nipple, and genital. The nipple piercing can wake up any nipple. Men have told me the piercing makes their nipples extra sensitive. Women say it has made the nipple more pleasurable when licked, sucked, pinched, or bit.

[image-2]A tongue piercing can add a lot of fun to oral sex. Vibrating tongue rings, French ticklers, and barbells will enhance oral pleasure for both men and women. Women with a hood piercing find oral sex to be wonderful. This piercing can be fun when just sitting alone; just rocking the hips or flexing the inner thighs will wake up the clitoris and cause arousal. There's some discrepancy between the best direction to get the piercing. Mine is vertically pierced and I love the sexual benefits.

[image-3]Men have many options as well for the piercing of genitals. Most think of the Prince Albert, but there's also the Ampallangs, Apadravyas, Deep Prince Albert, Dolphins, Dydoes, Foreskin Piercings, Frenums, Scrotal Ladders, Guiches, Haffadas/Scrotals, Pubics, Prince's Wands, and the Reverse Prince Albert. I don't have much experience with this type of piercing, but some just sound painful! Maybe some of you readers can give us some insight on the subject.

Body modification is done for a variety of reasons: art, decoration, enhancement, change, and sometimes necessity. I'm a fan of all types of body art, piercing, and plastic surgery, but any modification can be over done.

(Pics below NSFW)

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