Book Review: Would you like to sleep with my wife?

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Kelly finds himself in unfamiliar territory when a man offers his wife to him for an evening of sex. The scenario is built around an amazing encounter with a beautiful woman while her husband sleeps soundly next to the bed.

As exciting and erotic as this is, not every experience is a positive one.  Kelly also finds himself caught in uncomfortable situations and embarrassing moments during sex and in another couple's unrequited quest to enjoy a single male.

The book offers an interesting and  humorous look into the erotic life of a single male swinger. Unfortunately, Kelly fails to completely portray all sides of this lifestyle for single men. Personal experience suggests that single male swingers will always meet more opposition than acceptance in the swinger world; even for a man such as Kelly who waits for invitation rather than seeking willing couples.

The book ends with an almost unbelievable account of oral sex in a pool full of naked swingers. This leaves readers uncertain about the author's ultimate fate and draws them to desire for more from Tom Kelly.

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Former Tampa resident Tom Kelly details his journey into the swinger world as a single male in Would you like to sleep with my wife. Kelly's adventure begins after leaving an unhappy relationship with a  fanatic girlfriend in attempt to quell his desire to be constantly surrounded by naked women.  This ultimately leads him to a management position at a nudist resort frequented by swingers. Kelly finds himself both admiring the natural beauty of women and discovering a new lease on a taboo lifestyle.  Guests find Kelly's helpful nature and outgoing personality to be more of a sign of suggestive behavior than typical customer service. This leads him to receive propositions of sex and the opportunity of new sexual exploration.

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