Buckhorn declares July 4 "Independence from Oil Day" in Tampa

WHEREAS, many motor vehicle trips Americans take are less than one mile long, and
much of the working population commutes five miles or less to work, the City of Tampa agrees that
cycling and walking are viable transportation alternatives and promotes them as a key components of
our sustainable transportation efforts while reducing the reliance on oil; and

WHEREAS, with recent oil spill disasters and the possibility of more oil spill occurrences
present, it is important for alternate modes of transportation be explored and utilized, and bicycle
and foot travel do not rely on fossil fuels and are non-polluting means of travel; and

WHEREAS, to promote the environmental and health benefits of cycling and walking, while
encouraging Tampa residents to rely more on these alternate means of transportation and less on fossil
fuel-powered motor vehicles, the bicycling and walking enthusiast of the Tampa Bay area are bringing
awareness to the community by asking others to declare their independence from oil by leaving their
vehicles parked on July 4th and bike or walk to their destinations.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Buckhorn, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of
the City of Tampa, Florida, do hereby proclaim July 4, 2011 as


in the City of Tampa, Florida, and encourage all residents to try bicycling and walking as a form of
transportation that protects the environment and in acknowledging all those involved in this
campaign for their commitment.

Dated in Tampa, Florida, this 1st day of July, 2011.

As mentioned above, the Mayor issued the proclamation on the same day that Governor Rick Scott gave a final "okay" for Orlando's SunRail. That's despite the fact that it will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars immediately at the same time ridership studies are less than overwhelming for the project. Meanwhile it's a fresh reminder that the federal funds earmarked for the Tampa to Orlando high speed rail line included no Florida taxpayer funds, with the strong possibility that the private carrier that won the bid to build the line would pay for the balance of the project.

As Tampa and the rest of the nation celebrate by doing what Americans traditionally do on the 4th of July, or any holiday for that matter - eat heart attack inducing meat products washed down by copious amounts of alcohol, Mayor Bob Buckhorn is signaling out America's independence by declaring it "Independence from Oil Day" in Tampa.

In a written proclamation, the mayor today issued out this document, on the same day when Tampa Bay area citizens were cruelly brought back to the fact that it will not have high speed or light rail in its future any time soon, to declare in classic proclamation form (that is, with an extensive amount of "whereas'), that he was calling America's holiday, Tampa's holiday from the all encompassing motor vehicle:

WHEREAS, for more than a century, the bicycle and traveling by foot has been an important
part of the lives of many Americans; and

WHEREAS, today, millions of Americans engage in bicycling and walking because it is a
viable and environmentally sound means of transportation, an excellent form of fitness, provides quality
family recreation, and can save a family hundreds of dollars in gasoline costs; and

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