Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique

The San Diego native on her new 32G boobs, her hyperactive gag reflex, sex on first dates, and why you shouldn't touch her feet.

click to enlarge Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique -
Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique

If you Google "Brooklyn Chase" you won't get directions to an ATM in New York. You'll likely see provocative images of a busty 5'2" brunette with a bankable body performing an ATM.

It's fitting that the 29-year-old chose a stage name that sounds like a financial institute. Early in 2012 the San Diego native's bills were pilling up, she was digging deeper into her savings, and she was unsatisfied with the jobs she could land with her lack of a college degree. Taking a chance, she used her ass to cash a few checks by performing in X-rated scenes. While money motivated her to get into porn, a love of sex pushed her to turn the gig into a career. That and she realized just how much her six-figure-physique was worth.

You recently went from a DD to a 32G—or so I’m guessing based on the size of all the bras on your Amazon wish list. Have you filmed a scene with your new tits yet? Have you noticed anything different about having sex with 32Gs?

click to enlarge Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique -
Building sex equity with Brooklyn Chase's six-figure-physique

At this point, I haven’t filmed a scene since getting my new tits. That will change very soon though! I have always been obsessed with my chest, and I'm even more so now. I love the way they hang and move during sex, and it has made me feel even sexier and more confident.

As an avid runner has your boob job presented any new workout challenges?

I haven’t run since my surgery! Healing was quite a process, and finding a good sports bra to support 32Gs has not been easy. As soon as I find a way to adequately contain the girls, I'm hitting the pavement!

What motivated you to get your first boob job at 19 from Bs to DDs?

It all comes back to confidence! I was graced with womanly hips from the start, and I wanted to feel more proportionate. The hourglass shape to a woman couldn't be sexier, and I felt more like a summer squash.

You originally got into porn for financial reasons, but you quickly fell in love with the profession. Do you think you would still do porn if it paid as much as say, a massage therapist’s salary?

It's true that I took the jump to shoot my first scene for financial reasons, but the idea of porn even being an option stemmed from my love for sex. Had I found myself in the position to do my first shoot just for fun, I doubt that I would be in the same position I'm in now. Sex has always been a huge part of my life. I've masturbated daily for longer than I can remember. I can't remember a first date that didn't end “under the sheets.” I've never been afraid to get dirty with someone that I’ve just met. There's nothing wrong with knowing what makes you feel good, and going after it.

When you first got into porn, you thought you could stay under the radar without anyone in your personal life finding out. Then your ex-husband posted condemning pictures on Facebook and keyed “Brooklyn Chase” into your car. If you had to do it all over again, how do you think you would come out to your family, or is there no easy way to tell your family that you do porn? 

I'll admit that I was quite naive coming into the industry! My "coming out" was not how I’d hoped it would be. If I could go back, I definitely would’ve told my family and friends, before they found out the way that they did. That being said, there were a handful of people that heard it from me. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say. There really isn’t an easy way to say it. I was so scared that I would lose people I cared for. I feel so blessed that everyone that was in my life then is still here. 

How do you think you would react if your parents announced that they were getting into porn?

If my parents were to tell me that they were getting into the industry, I would immediately demand their stage name so I could avoid them like the plague!

You have a hyperactive gag reflex. Has it ever been accidentally triggered while filming a blowjob scene?

My gag reflex is awful! I do enjoy gagging and getting the saliva flowing. The wetter, the better! I've never had an issue while shooting a scene, since I'm careful about what I eat before. In my personal life, there have been more than a few times that I've been a little too vigorous and almost “lost my lunch”!

You fantasize about being fucked in a dressing room, pressed against the wall while other people are just outside the door. What about this fantasy appeals to your imagination? Is it just that everyone looks so much better beneath dressing room lights?

I love the idea of strangers being so close and having no idea what's going on. I'm very loud during sex, so the idea of having to hold all that in, turns me on. It just seems so naughty, yet so doable.

What do you hate about having your feet touched during sex? Has a fellow performer ever tried to suck your toes, causing you to instinctively kick him in the mouth?

My feet are extremely ticklish. When I first got into the industry, I used to warn my co-stars to keep their distance from my feet, or they could inadvertently be kicked. I've let up on that now, and I’ve actually started to enjoy having my toes sucked, while having sex. Touch my feet at any other time, and you're likely to not enjoy the outcome!

You love having your hair pulled, your ass smacked, and being choked during sex. What about these actions appeals to your sexual psychology? Do you prefer testosterone fueled alpha males who are strong enough to manhandle you, but sensitive enough to know just how far to push rough sex?

I’m naturally a very sexually submissive person and being dominated in bed does amazing things to me. I think it’s because I’m a bit of a control freak in my normal life. I like everything a certain way, especially when it comes to my house! No one can do laundry except me, unless they can fold my towels just the way I like! Being manhandled in bed is a bit of a role reversal for me, something different than the every day is always exciting. I definitely want that alpha male who can punish me a little for being a controlling bitch all day!

This month you will have been in the adult industry for two years. In that time, what changes have you noticed in yourself?

After two years in the industry, the biggest change I’ve noticed about myself is confidence. When I first started, I was shy, self-conscious, and unsure of myself. I would never step foot outside of my house without having my makeup and hair done. Now, you're hard pressed to find me in something other than pajamas and my hair thrown up in a bun! I've learned to be happy in my own skin, and that's something I have always wanted. 

How has the industry changed in the last two years? How do you expect it will change in the next two years?

The only real change that I've seen in the last two years is the added efficiency to our already strict testing and health standards. Coming into the industry two years ago, I was impressed with how rigorous the health standards were. Now, they've evolved to keep up the safety, and it’s often safer than most people you'd ever meet in “real life.” 

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