Casual encounters: one man's Oprah fetish fulfilled by Craigslist

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I'm a 23 year old white boy, 5'10", 180 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. I'm looking for an educated, middle-aged black woman who would enjoy some hot, young dick.

You have to be okay with answering to Oprah, screaming my name, and saying things like, "Oprah's Big Give", etc. You also have to be okay with me lathering ham juice over your breasts and rubbing my penis all over them. Afterward, we can snuggle and talk about your favorite books.


From Ms. Frazier:

how often you want to fuck baby

Depends on how much ham juice you’ve got.


From: Mrs. Robinson

Hello, I was poring over craiglist and viewed your ad. It is so hard to find nice men out of the Internet and I dare say it's hard to run across men on the The Net also..

Your advert is practically the one and only that has genuinely roused me. So you probably want to get to know a little bit about me. I am married. If you can even call it that. My husband is run-off on business trips for most of the year. He has never thought to have me with him and he has stopped talking with me all together. He doesn't even call me or talk to me while he is home. This has been going on near close to 2 year now. So you can guess I am a bit aggravated. I need someone to unbind me and show me a fun time. I still do not want my husband to chance upon about what I am doin'.

I've an account on that I've set up for this reason. I've left my cellphone numb in my account profile. This number my husband doesnt know about, so its safe to call me on it at all times or txt message me. You can also send me a message on the site which is all private. Mail me with your account

name and I'll reply to you on therre too.

Mkay I hope you will call my phone. I want to hear you

Call me!

Actual reply:

That's all cool, but are you black?  Please let me know.  You roused my interest a lot, too.  I mean, I think you might be the one.


You have been approved £750.000.00 GBP, in this Year Dunhill Products Promotion, Please send us your info

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4.Phone Number:........

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Hope Danfield

Wow, Great Britain really knows how to run things! I just need to have an Oprah fetish to get loans of upwards of a million bucks?


From Ms. Stanley:

Hi I'm Mary! I am mailing you in response to your craigslist ad which piqued my intrest. Would really like to hear back from you so mail me on [email protected] to make sure u don't fall in the span folder.

I wish she would have mentioned what piqued her "intrest" exactly: the part where she screams my name and lets me rub my penis all over her breasts or the part where we talk about her favorite books?


whats up man?

masc. athl. bi discreet 6/1 168 31in.w. tight bod smooth chest blue brown 38, looking to suck a hot cock and into watching a hot m/f get it on

Actual Reply:

Wait - are you black?

Follow-up reply:

...and can I call you Oprah?

Sometimes you're looking for love, but sometimes you just want to find someone on the internet who can be your personal Oprah. To fulfill this fetish, I again turned to Craigslist. Below is my original post followed by my favorite responses. (All names and personal info have been changed to protect the weird)

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Skinny White Guy looking for his Oprah – m4w – 23

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